The world is watching you Florida…Can you lead us forward?

      Florida’s 2005 “stand your ground” legislation was embraced  by 21 other states after it made its way through the Florida legislature. Florida’s interpretation of the use of deadly force in “self-defense” is at the heart of the controversy. Florida’s law allows the use of self-defense when there is “reasonable”belief of a threat. With no obligation to retreat first..”stand your ground” is a defense
against criminal charges. It applies not just in your home or car…but any public place. Florida’s loose gun laws,no required registration,unlicensed gun dealers and allowing of  assault weapons…make you wonder if the mentality in the state  encourages  vigilante justice.   It’s hard to figure  with multiple eye witnesses  disputing the shooters story..and the shooter spouting a racial epithet while engaged on his mission ..we allow this man to stay free of jail . He has some legal problems in his past.If he was high or drunk that fateful night when he killed the young 17yr old man..we will never know. Police  managed to drug test the young black man that was killed, but no drug or alcohol test for the killer. Seems uneven…at best.

   The world is watching,-  …it now appears that the shooter may have until  April 10th before he might  be arrested. This could be a big mistake.. The facts seem clear enough…let’s not take a chance this man could dodge responsibilities. Maybe he will grab his passport and disappear ,nothing stopping him now. I  suggest he might be a flight risk  ..and he could make an exit before being his potential arrest. This would really be upsetting,so an arrest immediately and turning over his passport seems to be in order.

How Florida handles this case in the next coming days and weeks will set the tone for future gun legislation..and the future perception of Florida. It would be nice to think some day soon legislation will be balanced ,sensible and fair. Up until now, the NRA has has a disproportionate influence on gun policy. With the world watching this story…one of the biggest stories of the year….Your on  Florida….
time to demonstrate leadership..and show the world why America is such a great place to live.

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