Winds of change howl in Florida? ….


          The winds are howling for real, as tropical storm Isaac makes it’s inevitable progress towards America’s coastline. Florida is in the eye of the storm once again. Nature’s uncertainty makes us all very mortal… just in case we forget how fragile life is. We pray that the storm will leave little destruction, but one never knows… we hope for the best.

           The impetuous Republican party, led by it’s most extreme elements, hold’s their nominating coronation this Tuesday…in  Tampa Bay. Karma is a bitch, and its not a coincidence that turmoil rolls near this convention.  Never before have the American people been so let down by it’s political parties…  Yes, both parties! Brass billionaires and millionaires on both sides of the aisle reign their influence with huge stacks of $1000 dollar bills. The American voters can tune into the convention, and view what destruction the 1% can have on the political discourse in this country. The elite and the extreme control the dialogue. Crazy, divisive issues dominate the discussion… with little progress for the the hardworking middle class. We will hear about the evils of Obamacare… and about the sanctity of Government bossing it’s women around. 

        The eye of  the storm zero’s in on Tampa Bay… there may be a message in all the madness. The extremists have bought the Republican party… and the American voter is  not happy about this. We have our votes suppressed… we have our campaign contributions rendered meaningless. The fat cats have undue influence over this countries future… and we allow ourselves to be led by packs of bandits. Sometimes the trees need to be trimmed to keep vibrant… as the winds rattle in the hearts of  sensible Americans. Is this really the best we can do..? in  this  great country… Do the winds of change howl in Florida.?

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