Will the IRS Scandal help Rand Paul…lead the New Republican party (NRP) to the Whitehouse?

So far, Obama’s second term has been a gift that keeps on giving. Benefiting the most so far is Rand Paul, the junior Republican senator from Kentucky. With appearances this week on ABC, CNBC, and FOX, Senator Paul clearly and rightly senses opportunity. Most notable this week, Rand Paul’s non-partisan smack-down of his fellow lawmaker’s inability to manage governmental responsibility will surely play well in “Peoria!”


Whatever you think about Rand Paul he is a force to be reckoned with. His Libertarian views fit surprisingly well into certain “Middle American” mindsets. He is an articulate, well-educated maverick poised to also grab the somewhat more radical middle ground in his quest for the White-house in 2016. He pledges with sincerity to turn the New Republican Party (NRP) into a more diversified larger tent. Will he, and can he?


Paul objects to the apparent politicized polarizing courtesy of the IRS. Many Americans share Paul’s’ unease with IRS intimidation. No political orientation should be subject to uneven scrutiny, for it is truly NOT the American way. Yet, many of Paul’s beliefs appeal not only to anarchists, but to an increasing number of Independents and reportedly Moderates, even some Democrats. He has been an out-spoken critic of America’s lawlessness in regard to our drone wars. He is an advocate of reform of our drug laws, noting recently that our last 3 presidents could have been busted and careers ruined. What if they were caught with illegal drugs that they allegedly dabbled with in their younger years?


The Ky. Senator is outspoken in his caution to engage in wars; insisting on Congressional approval of any future forays. Liberals generally agree, reminding us that our President isn’t a monarch! Senator Paul believes in term limits for Congress, stating his support in limiting any Senator to 12 years, or 2 terms. He is positioning himself as an environmental advocate and a true believer in helping community farming. He additionally speaks of safeguards against governmental overreach in aiding and abetting corporate “farm whores.” Liberals and Moderates like that idea too. But what of the Tea Party you ask? Read on. . .


Paul also is one of the few that question the Federal Reserve Board’s secretive manipulation of monetary policy. He is a free-market advocate that believes government should interfere less, spend less and tax less. Now that sounds like a true Conservative. Yet, dollars in your own pocket empowers each individual; whereas more money flowing to government often means less than a dollars worth of value. He is critical of the head official from the IRS taking the 5th, wishing to keep secret what really happened. Senator Paul¬†feels top IRS ¬†officials should be put on leave until we figure out if anyone broke the law. The IRS is not allowed to play fast and loose with the rules. Nobody should condone partisan politics at the IRS! Things are unfair enough already for the average American taxpayer.


While the mainstream press sleeps at the wheel, Rand Paul is asserting his control over the New Republicans. His grassroots appeal is undeniable, and his timing may prove to be perfect. Don’t look now, but this newly branded “N.R.P.” (New Republican Party) is gaining stream. America’s disdain for current leadership in Washington may deliver a [non-McCain like] “true maverick” to the White-house in 2016. We’re 3 years away. Who expected in 2005 a certain junior Senator from Illinois would succeed G.W. Bush?



One comment on “Will the IRS Scandal help Rand Paul…lead the New Republican party (NRP) to the Whitehouse?

  1. Bart Stewart on said:

    Crikey, Ron, are you his campaign manager?

    The only thing gaining steam is the rift in the Republican party. Even if Rand Paul comes out on top, it’s still the same old Plutocracy. They favor the rich. Period. There is nothing they ever get excited about that doesn’t fit that pattern. The fattening and further fattening of fat cats is the entire reason they exist.

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