Will 7 billion souls succumb to 1200 Billionaires and their Mainstream Media Bitches?

The biggest danger to America in 2015 is the further castration of the freedom of the press.
The banking cabal along with Wall Street has taken control of our government. The American people (otherwise known as (useless eaters ) to the elite … are in danger of a premeditated depopulation effort .
Going forward the elites claim planet Earth can only support 1 or 2 billion people . Robots , drones , and artificial intelligence are all moving to the head of the class … The citizens of the world are becoming obsolete. 1200 billionaires call the shots , and 7 billion souls are their cattle .
We as the 7 billion people on the chopping Block,,, must fight for our survival . The most important thing we can do as the collective conscious of the planet,,, is to force truthfulness from our government and it’s corporate mockingbirds.
We must demand truth before we allow the mainstream media to further obscure the facts. We must hold their feet to the fire and demand the truth about Malaysian flights MH 17 and MH 370 . what’s really happening in Ukraine , Iran and Syria. Stop the NSA trampling of our freedoms .we need to expose the real culprits of 9/11 and their real agenda .
Our Western governments really contemplating a first strike attack against Russia in all out of assault to save the petrodollar?
The alternate media has come of age in 2014 . Government fingers are firmly twitching in anticipation of ending the freedom of the alternate media and switching that kill switch that will end the 4th estate
.We cannot allow the banking cabal , Rothschild, Murdoch Bush, Cheney , Obama and both Clintons to continue the sellout of the masses for the benefit of the “classes” They have their underground bunkers and posh secret cities ready for their secure future, as the rest of us curl up and die .
Do not accept their vision of the future . Do not allow them to incite class and racial self destruction . Let’s rise above their manipulation .. How can 7 billion souls be destroyed by 1200 mother fuckers? Now is the time to expose the truth .. Time is running very short .

2 comments on “Will 7 billion souls succumb to 1200 Billionaires and their Mainstream Media Bitches?

  1. Thank you for the illuminating comment . Well done!

  2. Chris on said:

    I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of the present order. 9/11, flight 370, ISIS, etc. are all perpetrated by the elites and their political shills and media lackeys in order to ignite a global conflict. The US economy is a paper lion based upon ever expanding debt. Pronouncements of falling unemployment and economic growth are all bullshit. Our economy persists because the US imports so much of it’s goods so as to export dollars which are in turn used by exporting countries to purchase oil and other items of international trade. It’s a house of cards based upon an artificial demand for dollars throughout the world. We can print as much currency as we want so as to support our infrastructure, our military industrial complex, our global military presence, and our ever growing welfare state (go to the local grocery store and observe how many people are using EBT cards or some other kind of voucher.). That’s why the stock market is really a casino as opposed to a means to invest in worthwhile companies. Bottom line, the US economy is on life support and ultimately propped up by American might and a Faustian deal with Saudi Arabia. We are an empire by any definition and the Russians want to break it up. If Russia succeeds, the US economy and the Pax Americana collapses along with the economies of the rest of Old Europe. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want this as it’s monarchy is basically propped up by the United States. They are the linchpin to the whole petrodollar system. Moreover, the Saudis are key investors in Wall Street banks which generate virtually all the currency used to purchase their oil (see fractional reserve lending). The Saudis and the rest of the corrupt governments in the Middle East can see that they might not have the US backing them up in the future thus the need to form a regional army to counter Iran and suppress marginalized populations within their own borders/spheres of influence. All of the governments in the Middle East are supported by tribes loyal to the leaders and all of these tribes are either Sunni or Shi’ite. The world is really shaping up as the West (US/Europe/Sunni Middle East) vs. the East (Russia/Shi’ite Middle East). China, East Asia, and Latin America will watch from the sidelines. The seeds of war are planted and growing. The big difference is that technology is better and more destructive than ever and armies are professionally trained. It would take some seriously enlightened leadership and adept diplomacy to avert war and I don’t see any of that in our future from either party. After all, our politicians get their marching orders from the elite that represent all that is wrong and evil inn our world.

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