Why Trump Will Tap Ben Carson for Vice-President

Donald Trump claims he will pick a Vice-President that’s “legislatively” ready. His campaign manager Corey “pinchy” Lewandowski is out blowing smoke “selling ” this angle.

Above all else, Trump doesn’t want an “LBJ” siting in the chair waiting for an Illuminati bullet to put a “shill” back in the presidency. Trump will protect his life..and only Ben Carson among Vice-Presidential finalists will give him a decent element of security .It’s the year of the outsider and Roger Stone, Trump’s key adviser … knows the score and will protect his friend with all his might.

Carson is competent,well respected  and liked by most of the GOP. His soft spoken manor, along with his support from women..will be a nice combo for Trump. Ironically, Trump will  use political correctness as his ally …politics makes strange bedfellows. Several key swing states may tilt to the GOP with Carson as Trump’s safe wing man.

States like Michigan, Illinois, Ohio ,Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have large black populations. Unemployment and despair are sky high among this population. The days of Hillary Clinton automatically banking 92% of the black vote are over. Trump/Carson only need 6-8% shift  of the black vote in these key states to swing the electoral college over to the GOP.

Clinton is vulnerable in big cities like  Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia ,Chicago and Milwaukee.Put 2 or 3 of these 5  states over to the GOP..Trump and the GOP are in.

The “shadow government”  won’t be able to  “manipulate” one of their brethren  into the White-house…should Trump relent to some unfortunate plane crash or  sudden malady. Trump/Carson sounds like just the ticket the “doctor” (Roger Stone) has ordered.












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