The answer to mystery flight #370 not in Asia? Try ,Virginia,U.S.A.


The United States seems quite content to keep Malaysia “barefoot and pregnant” on it’s search for missing flight #370. In fact, all of Asia is clueless  about what happened . Only Dick Cheney..and his government-with-in the government cohorts…know the pieces to the puzzle. Our Mainstream media can work this one on a budget …it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to Langley, Virginia.

You would think with 20 high-tech employees from Austin,Tx based Freescale semiconductor onboard, there would be a little more public interest from the American government. Think again. Our government now works in secret …just ask senator Diane Feinstein.

Freescale Semiconductor is/was the foremost leader in electronic warfare and “invisibility cloak” technology. This company (Motorola) was born directly from the Rozwell ,New Mexico Alien crash in 1947.

Reverse technology leading Freescale has had the ball since since 1948. Speculation is that Freescale is a major operator within Area 51 ..dedicated to it’s electronic warfare and invisibility cloaking technology.

Previous reports have connected this technology with Israeli intentions to destroy Iranian nuclear capabilities, a mission Dick Cheney has publically supported.

Note to Mainstream media… Catch a bus to Langley … the world depends on it.  

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