Why is the media afraid of American Elect 2012?

That American’s Elect 2012 nominating group/lobbyist/publicist/neo-con/billionaires club
sure has Washington minding it’s own business. Is it me, or has the real possibility of a 3rd party/committee/skull and bones/Hedge-fund/…nominating bunch of really rich people not
really been explored. The real story of 2012 is about to be told,…how essentially a private
group of undisclosed money people will manage to get on all 50 ballots. This “internet’  “nominating” process will surely yeild the candidate of their dreams.

   American’s Elect 2012 group carries lots of clout. The 1% crowd is going to be heard. Media companies
arent in the business to anger the very big time backers (media giants included) that buy the advertising that
sustains their life..and influence.

So, its going to be up to the people, people like us to figure out what to make of all this. Will the presidency
be privatized, ..will a group of really influential people influence who the next president of the United States is. Will a 3rd party manipulate all that voter anger into votes for an  third party candidate. Could Jeb Bush
take Americans Elect 2012 to the White House. That’s the real question is NOT Whose going to win a state who in no way represents the country .Lot’s of surprises in 2012.

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