Why did McCain select Palin over Romney? What the media doesn’t want your to know…


                About four years ago, another presumptive presidential nominee was making a final decision on who his  vice-presidential running mate would be . The well- respected , honorable John McCain was not expected to nominate Sarah Palin as his vice-president and most trusted partner…a person he barely even knew.

          Mc Cain was forced at the last minute to make a risky, and regrettable choice for VP. Every media outlet in this country is very well aware that Mitt Romney was the person that John McCain had front and center to be his vice-presidential choice. Can we ask the question then…If Mitt Romney was rolled over by Sarah Palin for the vice-presidential spot..with his big reputation and deep pockets…what reasons caused McCain to make such an unnatural selection?

     The mainstream media moguls know the answer. We all know the answer. Romney’s tax returns are toxic..and that’s why he’s not showing. He can’t show us..that  would be …the ultimate suicide by police.

   But the police, or mainstream media in this case, is not about to reveal truths that would alter this election. The MM is  financially bought and paid for by forces behind Mitt Romney…and Barack Obama. . ..don’t look for them to be the ones to stick the knife in the back of the people that brought these moguls their fame and fortune. Seems, the only way the American voter will get the information they need is via  alternate media outlets…people not bought and paid for by the corporate class.

   So, mainstream media..let’s ask the right questions. What was it specifically that caused the solid John McCain to make such a curious choice for vice-president…and how about the biggest question of the all………If Mitt Romney succeeds in wrapping up the nomination before the explosive tax returns come to light…who do you think would make an excellent presidential candidate if Romney is forced to step aside before November? What man has been featured on every major station lately..giving an inspiring defense on president Barack Obama when a voter besmirched him? What right of center  candidate would have the experience and support to  defeat  the president this November. Put John McCain on the very short list for next GOP candidate to challenge Barack Obama this November……maybe someone in the MM should ask a few questions…Could John McCain become the next president of the United States?





4 comments on “Why did McCain select Palin over Romney? What the media doesn’t want your to know…

  1. Thanks for your Weak ass comment. The right wing never disappoints.

  2. I have a clue;you don't on said:

    Actually, Romney didn’t want to be on a losing ticket with a coward like McCain. Hate to rain on your libtard parade kid.

  3. Thanks for the cool comment. It’s amazing how many people don’t see it.

  4. Theresa Powell on said:

    Thank you!! This should be apparent to everyone. If Romney was such a strong candidate, Palin wouldn’t have been chosen. No way could they have been going for the Republican women’s vote with Palin’s stances on women’s rights!
    The “Maverick” knows exactly why their will be no willful release of Romney’s returns & what is wrong with the American public that it has to be spelled out!! Romney has a lot to hide.

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