Why both Republicans and Democrats should support “means testing”…


                       Republican’s want smaller government and lower taxes….Democrats want economic fairness and more effective  government. Both sides of the aisle should support  changes to social security and medicare. A “GRAND” bargain can be  struck here. The “sequester” is a (self-inflicted)…”moment of truth” for both political parties. Will “they” prove to be incapable of good government…or will common sense and practicality make an appearance? Will leadership step forward and do what must be done…or do we allow old-thinking to continue? The economic stalemate and looming disaster can be averted…in fact we should be on a much  sounder financial course.

                      When social security and medicare were legislated, it was written into the law that …over time….things can change…and government “reserves” to make modifications to both plans. For America to get their financial house in order …we need  to make changes. What do we want  social security to be…simply a pension plan, or is it more like a big group insurance plan providing security and a safety net for all members of the group? If your 66 and die,  you contribute all your life but receive very few benefits. If you live to 96…you receive a disproportional benefit…but that’s how insurance works. It’s not always fair…but the early death enables us  to cover the man that lives past 100.,..which is the correct and humane thing to do.

                    How long can we pay-out millionaires and billionaires full social security benefits they do not require? … when we have a unsustainable entitlement system that’s grinding our economy down? We need financial soundness and an efficient governemnt ..it will enable future job growth and more economic fairness. Why would we charge the same medicare deductibles to millionaire  Americans when we don’t have enough money  to take care of   the poor, sick and  most vulnerable among us? For the Republican’s we would not have to raise any taxes…simply pay out less to the rich and fortunate. For the Democrats…it will provide the money for those in need…without raising taxes on the middle class Medicare and social security are over 50% of our entire budget. We don’t have to cut teachers and air traffic controllers…or cut back defense spending because were financially mismanaged. It’s time for a grown-up discussion on how we distribute “the peoples”  resources. This is an opportunity for the Democrats and Republicans to remind us why a two party political system is government by compromise and balance. How much economic pain must we absorb, before we change the way we do business? …or change ‘THOSE” that we allow to conduct the peoples business.

One comment on “Why both Republicans and Democrats should support “means testing”…

  1. Mark on said:

    As usual, you have things ass-backwards. Social Security isn’t a cause of the deficit. Republicans raided SS and used it to finance tax cuts. You have been suckered in by GOP’s constant “We’re going broke” refrain. We’re not. We just need to spend responsibly and pay our bills by taxing at the appropriate levels.

    GOP accuses Dems of not having a plan for Social Security. We have a plan for Social Security. It’s called “Social Security.” (BTW, you talk about SS payments to millionaires like it’s a major part of the obligation. That’s what happens when you value platitudes over facts.)

    As far as Medicare, we should replace it with single-payer for all. Doing things like the rest of the developed nations is the only way to escape from paying twice as much as any other country in exchange for mediocre outcomes. Medicare us the only part of our healthcare system that works well. Surprise! Ron wants to start dismantling it.

    You have once again fallen for the delusion that the truth lies in the middle. Until you realize that isn’t true, you will continue to produce drivle like this.

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