Why are we willing to give up our rights? Do you really feel safer?


           The Obama administration promised us a more open government, we’ve gotten the opposite. The current adminstration routinely adminsters lie detector tests, scruting of all email and telephone calls of anyone and everyone working for the federal government. Secret subpeonas are issued commonly to news reporters…little  wonder the mainstream press acts like a docile, castrated puppy. We’ve allowed the misnomer  “Patriot act”  to become the law of the land…with barely a wimper.

      On the other end, we have a super secretive …supreme court sactioned  fascist cabal trying to wrestle control of the government by any means possible, including shutting down the government and threatning world stability.While not ready to jump on the “end of the world” revelations bandwagon, events do give pause as to where thing are headed in the upcoming years. The struggle of the mighty titans leaves average Americans where exactly?

    A brand new Wall Street Journal/NBC survey reports that 60% of the American people would FIRE every member of congress and start over again. Household incomes continue to fall…the prospects of an adjusted minumum wage seem the last thing on the agenda. Is it even possible for the middle class  to retake control of a country originally founded on constitutional freedoms? While perposterous at  first blush, secessionsts like author Pat Buchanan have given up on federal government..and wish to decentralize …one can understand the frustration and disappointment many Americans are feeling.

    An average  American is photographed 180 times everyday. The governments facial recognition software can sift through billions of images and find you and me anytime they see fit. Intimidation is at the root of control …talk about  things they government doesn’t like, they can make life very difficult for anyone… anytime…with apparently no repercusions. George Orwell’s “1984” has proven to be a tepid forbearer of the truth .

   Increasingly, the facts of life point to the role of the American president a more ceremonial post than ever. The government with-in-the government is firmly in control. The “need to know” basis rules our Democracy, and what politcal party holds the Whitehouse seems more trite than ever.

    While the answere’s to regaining control of our Democracy are not clear…it’s important to ask the questions . Can they 60% who would fire our current politcal hacks come together with a plan? The soon retiring mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg seems to have something of a plan in the works. Can this billonaire launch a sneak  attack from the middle…mitigating the extreme’s  ( Koch & Soros)  putting in place a co-alition hybird government that balances everybodys interests?  Our only true security  is in the power of the middle class…let’s hope there is more going on now then the meets the eye…surprises may be closer than you think.

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