Whose Really Picking our next President?

E-mail from Americans Elect 2012-(Dated 12/28/2011)  http://www.pleasertme.com/

     ” Americans Elect 2012 is taking the power to pick the president OUT of the parties hands
and putting it back into OUR hands where it belongs.”

     Who is our hands? The voters?

   American Elect 2012 is a shadowy 3rd party lobbying group spearheaded
by The  Webster Group,Washington D.C.’s premiere front group for
America’s most wealthy and Influential. Being a 501 (c) 4 , American Elect 2012
is not going to disclose where they are getting their money.

  Do you think this group of Millionaires, Billionaires, hedge fund operators,banks,oil interests are really
interested in giving the power back into “our” hands meaning the voters?, or OUR hands,
meaning this group calling themelves “Americans Elect 2012”

Its a big red flag when a group of very rich people wrap themselves in the “flag”

This is a very cynical maneuver to take advantage of voter discontent.Were all frustrated with
the faliures of the political system…but lets not blindly “throw out the baby with the bath water”

With weak candidates from both political parties, the time is ripe for a 3rd party.
Let’s not get tricked into a catchy slogan like “Americans Elect 2012 ” to be that
3rd party. They say on their website that they are voters just like me any you. I think they Jest !

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