More racism from John Sununu? Romney going to say anything?

                  It’s time Mitt Romney takes control of his campaign and dismiss John Sununu from his position as one of the top leader in his campaign. It will never happen though. Sununu is literally the racist mouthpiece of those billionaires that control the new old Tea Republican and Mitt Romney. Just today on national TV, Sununu dismissed General Powell’s endorsement of Obama by explaining” Did you see what Powell looks like?” Blacks support blacks, the are rightfully proud. Such a low, scum of the earth remark …preceded by last weeks remarks characterizing Obama as “stupid and lazy”. Wow, our politics really suck…this is really happening in 2012?

           When Romney marginalized the Republican party prospects in 2012 though his tax dodging-Cayman Island DEBACLE… he owed a deep debt of gratitude to the far right-wing for sticking with him. Weeks before the Republican convention, there was plenty of rumbling about dumping Mitt. Instead the tea party, Norquist and the brother’s  just decided to co-opt him. He’s been turned out ..the nomination of Paul Ryan as the most obvious gift to the extreme elements. 

         Did you know “Romney” is going to repeal Obama-care on his first day in office…just as he was ordered to say by his handlers. Never mind it’s a health plan that Romney originally created…with much success in Massachusetts. The billionaires say no to Obama-care, so that’s the end of the discussion. Same on the abortion issue. The tea party is the Republican party, and Romney has no choice but to stand by the side of these scary extremists.

   At the end of the day, progressives and independents should consider themselves blessed by tea and Citizens United. With an American economy this weak, President Obama  was vulnerable. So, Romney’s turn over to the disturbing ,worst  elements of the Republican party …has propelled president Obama to a likely second term on Nov 6th,2012  


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