Where there’s smoke there’s fire? …Have the American people been burned?

The developments over the past few weeks, swirling around the White House are not only troubling, but put the president’s entire agenda in question. Once credibility is squandered one cannot help but wonder if the American people have been taken advantage of? In a court of law, once a witness has been proven deceptive everything else that spews from that witness raises doubts in the minds of fair-minded people. The tug of war between the right and left, (the Citizen’s United free-for-all), has set the stage for an ugly and divisive period in American political history.Disappointment with the recklessness of the Bush administration handed the Obama crew an American public that was ripe for fresh leadership. Who could forget that emotional night in Grant Park in Chicago when America celebrated our collective achievement with pride! We congratulated ourselves for electing a black man to the highest office in the land. Has the white man’s guilt bought the Obama administration extra chips? Can you imagine the liberal outcry if George W. Bush would have compromised the free press by stealing private information, (as has been reported by the Associated Press)?While Obama’s Benghazi explanations are dubious many administration officials have been known to massage talking points, hoping to shed the best light possible on a difficult, complicated situation. It’s unclear how serious the deception was and we may have to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, the clear assault on the First Amendment is a most troubling aspect of an administration that apparently thinks they can do just about anything in the so called “war on terror.” Who knew that war included sabotage of the American press? Any journalist, (regardless of political bent), should feel violated at the prospect of what was our “4th. Estate.”

This also raises another troubling point. Obama care was maneuvered through congress with no bi-partisan support. Obama bullied his way to health care reform, with no regard to bringing consensus and compromise to the process. You can criticize the Republican “obstructionists” but they do have a legitimate beef that they were taken for a ride; they are shoving it right back in the face of the administration. You reap what you sew. Perhaps Obama care is flawed legislation. Not including others in its final crafting may have been a serious mistake that smacks of arrogance.

The president has also taken advantage of a fearful scared America. He has allowed the proliferation and “imperialistic” use of DRONE power to violate many countries sovereignty. While killing some bad guys, the collateral damaged doesn’t seem to be square with American ideals. China is now producing drones for countries all over the world. Soon enough, the American head start will be nullified and why would we be surprised if our drone abuse doesn’t one day come home to roost here in America. Other countries are angry, and rightly so.

When Obama claims he learned about the IRS investigation of conservative groups from the media, just like the rest of us, even the most ardent liberal supporter knows that’s just plain bullshit! The administration may have laid the groundwork for a Republican resurgence in 2014 and beyond. While many liberal stalwarts will stick with the Democrats, 40% of voters call themselves moderates or independents. This large group may leave the Democrats, ushering in a new Republican agenda. Where you see continuing smoke its likely there’s other fires burning. If the liberal media turns on Obama, impeachment hearings are not out of the question. As more information surfaces it’s possible that a majority of Americans might agree. Is this fire out of control? Are American First Amendment liberties being abused by an administration that has fallen in love with itself?


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  1. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Jay H Berman on said:

    I agree with you completely, Ron is a bit off target this time, (most unusual for him)- as I find his style & substantive content superior to most online commentators. However, I’d add one caveat in Ron’s favor. The intrusion into the A.P. is alarming. How Holder rationalizes this one, may sadly come down to the too oft employed excuse, Nat’l. Security.

    Really? “Congress shall make no law . . .” Every POTUS upon inaugeration & their appointees likewise take an oath to “uphold & defend . . .” So, this is troubling. I refer to the N.Y. Times & Huff Post of 06/03/2013. Thank you,
    Jay H. Berman
    Author, Consumer Advocate, Political Activist – & Loyal Fan of ronrambles.com

  3. Bart Stewart on said:

    I think you are slightly ahead of yourself on a few points here, Ron. What jumped out at me the most in your article was the part about not including the Republicans in crafting the health care law. The Republicans are virulently, stridently opposed to anything that would offer healthcare to all Americans. Plutocracy is their creed. It would be absurd to think that they would do anything but oppose and obstruct any national healthcare proposal. There was no possibility of “bringing them in” to crafting the program.

    The Benghazi affair is probably the least of the problems you list. The most resonant charge is that they failed to call it terrorism in “talking points,” (Has the George Orwell estate been paid anything for the term “talking points?”) Many parties were to blame for the fact that the attack happened in the first place. House Republicans slashed funding for embassy and consulate security, for one thing. Anyway, this kind of thing happened every year in the Bush era.

    Your points on the drone program are well taken, though there is an opposing view that says without drones war would be far worse, as it always was in the past. It’s all moot because Obama’s Republican opponents have no problem with the drone business. That’s the one thing he’s doing that they like.

    The worst of these scandals and mini-scandals is the IRS targeting of conservative groups. That was both shameful and stupid. But we have no way of knowing who initiated it. It is too soon to be making predictions on any of this stuff.

    The right-wingers will milk it for all it’s worth, but then they don’t need actual real-life scandals. When scandals are lacking they just confabulate something. The talk of impeachment is only relevant because of the flimsy, convoluted, thrown-together case that was used to impeach Bill Clinton. Otherwise, I wouldn’t put any bets on it.

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