. Romney not in charge?…..let’s Dirty Harry steal the show…?


                 Well, so much for the family values party. On Romney’s big night, with a meticulously prepared speech, he and the GOP allowed a 82 year old man to steal the show and embarrass all Americans. That was a bizarre and pitiful commentary on today’s political scene. With no checks and balances on the two party system, the Republicans are pretty smug, and not so meticulous about details after all.

             If ever did a night scream out and tell Americans….our  two party system for 360 million peoples is just inadequate. We have an opportunity in the next few years to put a stop to a 2 party system running wild with our cash. Special interests have derailed the American politcal system. We have a Republican party controlled by some guy  name Grover?  This is how were doing business in America?

       While President Obama is the obvious choice this fall, the Democrats are equally beholden to special interests. We need a referee to make sure were all on the square here. There is an opportunity to launch an Internet-based third party start-up…only interested in winning 20 or so seats in the senate… for starters. This is a realistic way to alter the balance of power. ..40 or so Republican senators, 40 or so Democratic..and 20 Middlecrats. No legislation passes in this country without the people’s party putting thier stamp of approval. The world wide effort to win a seat in Vermont, and Montana..and other low population,cheap media contest with a big independent crowd ..is realistic and do-able. Instead of millions of dollars from a few zealots, how about 20 bucks from 3 million people world-wide. 60 million dollars goes a long way into running  a strong campaign in selected , low hanging fruit states.

      So, were to let Romney and his gang run the show, when they let a 82 year old man go profane on the American public?  What do you thing those right wing soccer mom’s thought as they watched with their kids?  OMG…Support change, support pragmatic policies, support the American people….become a Middlecrat and help change the world!

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