Gingrich turns ice in Florida. 3rd party warms up !

    Two more debates in the books this week, and one  weekend ahead until Florida’s most important winner take-all-primary is decided. Both men addressed the Hispanic leadership network here in Miami on Friday
Romney appeared energized and was well received. Gingrich looked exhausted, white as a ghost and got a much more tepid response from the audience.

   . Romney has run a very wobbly campaign up to this point. A  flawed candidate,  theirs  nothing the Republicans can say to change that. The mainstream Republicans are very relieved that Romney will hold on and become the nominee. Alas, a new challenge lurks.ahead for both Romney and Obama.

American’s Elect 2012 will start hitting it hard. This nominating committee will be on the ballot’s in all 50 states before summer. American Elect 2012/super pac/nominating platform , Refuses to disclose where it’s funding comes from. Kind of like Romney on the taxes. Why is everybody so shy when it’s about wealth and how little taxes rich people pay,? Who can blame them, when your in the catbird seat seems you just don’t need the extra scrutiny. Romney would never have gone public with his taxes ..he was forced into it.

       Today’s Email from American’s Elect 2012:

    “Our Crash the party bus Tour is on the ground in Florida. In Tampa tomorrow and in Orlando Monday.
We’ll be talking to the people about how (we’re) making the 2012 election a three-way race. Any questions?,call us at“.

   So, if you have any questions, like who is financing this 3rd party run, pick up the phone and ask. Better yet. , go to their website, Check out the 63 names on the leadership council. Millionaires and Billionaires, CIA and the Rothschild’s. They claim their voters just look you and me.? Corporate America has decided they need their own political party and they’ve done it. Don’t underestimate the power and brains of people that have lots of resources. They don’t control almost 50% of the wealth by accident. The battle for the presidency is starting to heat up…beware of boiling water ahead.



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