What the hell happened to Arizona?

                            One long weekend in Arizona is a real eye opener. Not sure what they slipped into the water system out here..I’m drinking bottled water and getting on the next plane out of here. While generalization are dangerous..and many good people must reside in the state…I can only relate my experience in this  one short weekend. There’s an attitude reeking from this state..led by the governor and apparently embraced by the rank and file. I hardly know where to begin.

            Riding around in North Scottsdale through some rural areas….private land owners posted sign after sign lambasting the federal government…and the racists rants were not at all thinly veiled. It seems like pack mentality has taken over and the hatred for the federal government out here is real and rabid. I can’t help to think that if the POTUS was not multi-racial..things wouldn’t be so out of hand out ?With the state government leaders putting the stamp of approval on racism..this state should not wonder why its economy is on its ass. Take away the older retired  folks who make up a good chunk of the population, the rest of this group is a bastion for tea partiers mixed in with good old fashioned red neck mother fuc***kers.

      Govenor  Jan Brewer just passed a budget that’s slash and burn. They actually have a 400 million dollar surplus rainy day fund… money that should be spent on helping the least among them. Maybe it’s part of Romney’s plan of self-deportation in action..make things so unpalatable that everyone that’s not lilly white wants out.  Why would anyone who isn’t wealthy,white and right-wing want to live in this hell hole? I was attending my son’s sports tournament and there were some 600 kids and their parents in attendance. They had several “petitioners” making the rounds pushing a state amendment essentially exempting Arizona from federal laws and initiatives. They might as well be secessionists…they would like Arizona to be a land among themselves. The utter disrespect that’s shown for federal laws is frightening.   Many attendees hardly read the details of the petition,they couldn’t sign up fast enough. When I was approached ..I told the creepy crawler that I live in Florida, I couldn’t sign his petition. ..but I did mention that if I did live in this state I would never sign such a crazy proclamation..asking the dude what is he so afraid of ? ..adding that while the  federal government isn’t the answers to all our needs,  we should be thankful we have some national leadership that has some  common sense and compassion. He looked at me with utter hatred…and said right to  my face..”Oh, you must be a Jew”.

   Part of my visit was business related…and I checked out a number of retail establishments in my industry..OMG. The real shock is  when I went into the independent retailers. I walked into one quite successful chain and encountered the store manager. He might as well have been living in deadwood…just like depicted in the now defunct HBO series. He has a tank top on, dirty blue jeans and a sleazy beard and face…he may have bathed in the last month..they do have running water out here?  I was so intrigued I sat with the dude and within 10 minutes he uttered the n -word 3 times..and asked me if I would like a cold beer. Really..? I said your working ..how can you do that? He said the owners encouraged it…the homespun hospitality works for them..and his customers appreciate the laid back, shit faced approached.

   The amount of bumper stickers I encountered was another jaw dropper. The NRA is well loved here, and almost every bumper sticker was just pure nasty…insulting Obama, the federal government, immigrants, gays,Jews and anyone else that might cause heart burn among this motley crowd. It makes me quiver to think how many residents either publicly or privately were quite pleased with the shooting last year that killed several and took a very fine public servant, almost killing  her .. and removing  her from congress.  What ever is happening in Arizona is pure ugliness…and their’s apparently many other states following their lead. ..it makes you think if Romney wins this election…does Arizona and other states have a green light to continue to create a a dangerous situation for American diversity? Hopefully, thoughtful Americans will economically continue to quarantine this state…Arizona is truly an embarrassment for everything this country stands for…what the hell happened, Arizona?

One comment on “What the hell happened to Arizona?

  1. RLGrothe on said:

    Wow, while I know we have a lot of idiots in Az I don’t know where you were that you saw such stuff. Must have hit a small pocket of crazy.I am embarrassed we do have so many republicans but I’ve never encountered blatant racism. Most people in Az are not that way.

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