What the mainstream press isn’t allowed to ask…What if Malaysian flight #370 didn’t crash? #MH370


It’s been 5 full days since Malaysian flight #370 has gone missing.

Speculation has begun, wth the leading theories being a possible catastrophic mechanical faliure or a possible terrorist bombing at 35,000 feet.

What  we do know is no physical evidence of  an airplane exists to date. We are being told that no distress signal of any kind was emitted from the airplane.

Several other possibilites exist, perhaps off the beaten path, but worthy of discussion.

Has the plane been safely landed by terrorists…making secret demands as we speak? North Korea could be behind something very sinister, as the bulk of passengers are/were Chinese.

Some 9/11 conspiracy theorists contend big jetliners have disappeared before…and there where abouts are still unknown today.

What if we have a Bermuda traingle type situation, and Malaysian flight #370 is gone for good. Is it unthinkable that this airplane was swallowed up in mid-air by some extra-terrestrial space entity?

Could this be an opening salvo in some type of cosmic war games? OR Can this be a pre-cursor to our global governments “one-world” fixation…where the powers to be are “aware” of  impending events that would change the world forever?

These are  some unusual questions being asked….Let’s not wait for our  “world government” to reveal any startling possibilities…they WILL NOT level with us unless it becomes more than obvious that they have no choice.




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