We have nothing to fear – but fear itself ? Someone tell Uncle Sam !!!

In 1933,during his first inaugural address, President Franklin D. Roosevelt invoked his famous quote:

“We have nothing to fear – but fear itself.”

What FDR meant is that fear causes people, (and governments), to make BAD decisions when overwhelmed by our worst anxieties and paranoia.

Decades later, after 9/11, President George W. Bush speaking to the country and the world declared:

“You’re either with us . . . or . . . you’re against us.”

We knew he had just labeled anyone not in lockstep with the U.S. to be an ENEMY. This was his opening salvo in the aftermath of the Sept 11th, 2001 tragedy.

The government with-in the government, currently calling all the shots is really not controlled by President Obama. Nor was it controlled by George W. Bush. The leadersof our country, [past, present and future] have become “Figureheads.”

We’ve allowed this country to be taken over by a military tribunalof sorts.

The Department of Defense, (DOD), The National Security Agency (NSA) and the New World Corporate Alliance (NWCA) -are fully in charge and completely unrestrained. Now obsolete documents, “The Constitution” and “The Bill of Rights”might as well be filed away with your 8 track tapes.

They are not relevant to the New World Order!

Just today, thanks to the last remains of a free press, we’ve come to find out that our, “DOD/NSA/NWCA triumvirate . . . has tapped into the private phone calls of some 35 world leaders. While regular Americans have mostly given our freedoms away by rolling over for the, miss-named “Patriot Act” . . . the rest of the world probably didn’t suspect their privacy had no place in our “you’re either for us or you’re against us” mindset of global domination.

We know the disdain with which America is held by our direct enemies; those that are on the wrong side of drone warfare. But, can you imagine what our “friends” are currently feeling about their relationship with Uncle Sam? Two of the nicer thoughts that come to mind are “mistrust”and “out-of-control.”

We all understand it’s a dangerous world, and we need protection from those that would do us harm. Spy networks are nothing new. Their importance in U.S. history prior to 9/11 includes the Cold War period, World War I & II, the Civil War and even our Revolution for freedom. In fact, espionage itself goes all the way back to the Roman’s, Sumerians and the beginning of time. What are new are the technologies and the “hacker”mentality that knows no limits or control. The world is indeed “FLAT” . . . and, technical boundaries like “borders” have gone the way of the “Constitution” and “8 tracks.”

So, is nothing off limits? Is anything private? Everything can be hacked?

Our government is unrestrained by its people or its politicians. We are what we eat . . . if we can’t control what we eat . . . then we will end up obese and unhealthy. Perhaps, suffer a premature death? The only way to return to health is by regaining some say in what goes into our bodies. “Uncle Sam” must find his constitutional fortitude, and begin a healthy diet.

A binging, out-of-control, ravenous old man is no way to run a country!


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