Want to save taxpayer dollars? Empower people…not political hackery…


Most agree governments are overspending. Generally, comparing the public arena to the private world is like comparing apples to oranges. However, whether you work in private or public sectors we are all consumers.

 “I don’t know anybody that couldn’t use both more money and pay less money in taxes.”

 We need political will. Apply public pressure and elect leaders interested in the public good, not accumulating personal riches. I have many friends in the public sector, but not the rich and famous; people working regular jobs employed by various municipalities and governments. Their stories are extremely unsettling. Operations in the public sector are cause for great concern…

 …This is the, “protect my budget at all costs American political system.”

 A don’t use it or you will lose it -mentality infects all governmental budgets. If efficient cost conscious governmental leaders spend less – then next year’s budget will be reduced. This is anathema to officials. Instead, we’re penalizing competent cost effective leadership that might exist if not for this culture of continual spending!

 Let’s make a comparison to a private organization. Publix grocery stores set a good example in Florida. Each associate has an economic incentive to provide great service and save company dollars. When each store and the company overall performs well employees benefit from profit-sharing. Each person is thereby empowered to do great work. The ongoing strategy of an earned bonus motivates employees to overachieve. Government workers have no such incentives. Crazy as it sounds, saving your township, city or state money causes angst among leaders who proceed to intimidate workers. Why?

The answer is found by examining governmental budget leaders who lament in such situations, “If we come in under budget we will lose funding next year, and people will lose jobs!” Supplier’s given sweetheart no bid contracts dish out lesser funds to their favorite politicians. A culture of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours is a disease that robs taxpayers. It acts as a back door tax to prop up “contributing” businesses.

 Here is an example. A city needed governmental forms for administrative tasks, and placed an order for 4000 forms. A worker discovered the stockroom had 2000 of the same form, (a sufficient supply for the rest of the year). Is a pat on the back given to the worker for saving money and make do with what already exists? No! In fact, this employee is chastised by the boss.

 The employee was informed that if this department didn’t exhaust all its funds, they would have less money next year. Plus, it could possibly cost jobs – “a thinly veiled threat to all employees in that department.” Such conduct takes place every day in governments all over the country.

 Incentives incorporated in the private sector can and must be enacted in the public one. It’s a win-win situation when taxpayers save, workers are rewarded, and greedy vendors don’t get more. It makes sense to empower the people and save. Stop irresponsible government and political hacks.

 “There is no reason this type of better government can’t be supported by all taxpayers.”



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