The radical middle ROARS! …time to unite… Become a Middlecrat!


            So there is roughly 40 senators on each side. The tug of war over legislation and money is all consuming. Our entire country is help captive by special interests on both sides of the aisle. This is no way to run a country. The Republicans elite knows that Romney is a losing proposition. The powers to be set up Obama for a miserable, argumentative 2nd term. The senate is filibuster proof..and the GOP maintain’s an edge in the house. The stalemate continues …and whose the big loser? …All of us , the old and the young, the rich and the poor…we all suck eggs as government is controlled by forces not in concert with the needs of the American people.

    We, the people of the United State of America…must wake up and come together to force a change to our current political system. Not led by bureaucrats, or corporate moguls…but real people ..who nominate real people…who aren’t in this game for “cash ” prizes. Fresh ideas, not ideologues, but real  patriots who put the good of the country ahead of their “sponsors” best interests. Imagine the scenario that we have 40 Republicans..40 Democrats…and 20 proud Middlecrats. To pass any legislation , the 20 members of the radical middle will have the deciding leverage over  legislation. Can you imagine giving “the people” the power..!!!

   If we harness the power of social media…we can target 25 different states …the smaller the state the better the proposition. We can run a world-wide campaign…we can raise money from every corner of the Earth. Can we get 20 dollars each from one million people ? …or maybe two million..or three million. There are a whole let more people with 20 bucks to spend then..billionaires who drop 20 million….it can be done. The world is very flat, TF, and  every person on this Earth  has a big stake in America.

   The radical middle is set to roar like never before. People from all walks of life, political persuasions… agree things are broken and we can’t wait around for integrity to finally show up   in this dysfunctional political system. . We have to show the Grover Norquist’s that we can’t and won’t  be intimidated. Our numbers have to be STRONG …how about some togetherness America? Let’s leave the extremists on both sides to wallow in their own thoughts..let’s come together. Libertarians, Democrats,Independents,Republicans,AND PEOPLE THAT HAVE NEVER VOTED BEFORE…the biggest voting block of them all. …let’s agree to fight fire with fire…at  the ballot box by our own free will. Become a Middlecrat, be the change that reshapes America. !


2 comments on “The radical middle ROARS! …time to unite… Become a Middlecrat!

  1. I agree with your comment..thanks for the feedback.

  2. good idea providing the party has an electrifying, kick-ass, take no prisoners, brutal but honest and peace-loving, dearly loved leader.

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