Walmart is the poster boy for what ails our country…one easy fix…Don’t shop the goons!


                        Finally, after decades of low wages and poor working conditions ,Walmart  employees are  starting to fight back.  Gaining strength  in numbers ,workers are anticipating to disrupt America’s black Friday’s retail sales at least hundreds, if not thousands of their stores. Wal-mart is America’s largest private retailer , with some 1.4 million employees. Over the last two decades we’ve allowed this big box merchant to change the landscape in America. We’ve allowed cheap  Chinese goods to dominate the selection at Wal-mart…goods  made by workers making $1.50 an hour, the use of  child labor  and substandard working conditions. Wal-mart hails from this country,and they have a special responsibility to the red,white and blue…or do they?  are they  shirking their moral responsibility? Their wall-street board of directors sure haven’t felt much pain in this economy, they are filled with cash and cars..hiding out in their gated communities …. at the expense of the real people who do the work.

               Walmart pays substandard wages, and keeps most workers on part-time..,in order to avoid paying for basic health care. We Americans vote with the ballot boxes, but there’s lots of alternative ways progressive Americans can live their life  to insure our children financial future. We are allowing Wal-mart to pay our children wages that will never pull them out of poverty We have 50 million people on food stamps..this is the ultimate in Corporate welfare..if  Walmart paid a livable wage…we could remove millions from food stamps.

            There was a gal featured who has worked for Walmart part time position, this corporate sharks offer health insurance only to those that they have to ..if your not an executive or manager….your health really doesn’t matter to them. Here’s a shocker ! I’m in retail myself and recently had a client make a purchase from my business. A  white, blue collar looking guy …he said he was a manger for Wal-mart. He filled out a credit statement which should his yearly earnings at $160,000 a year. WOW. It pays to be white in America. 16 other human beings work at near slave labor in his store so he is able to pull down an obscene amount .

      It’s time to make a statement…let’s back up all these workers that intend to strike this coming Friday…”Black Friday” I implore all that read these words, do not shop at Walmart…until Walmart  realize  their employees deserves a livable wage. A wage that might even allow a Walmart worker to buy something from the store they work at. The lack of a livable minimum wage is a scathing indictment of our countries priorities. It’s not just Walmart..but they are the poster boys for abuse and selfishness . When Walmart unionize and raise their rates, the others will follow. You know what happens then?…Millions of Americans will have additional dollars to spend …70% of our entire economy is consumer driven. Stop  starving out the low and minimum wage worker, a team of wild horses will not stop those folks from reinvesting in America. These dollars are not on a slow boat to China or the Cayman Islands. They stay here in America..creating positive GNP . Support your walmart strikers,be a Wal-mart stricker yourself. … support the American worker, DO NOT CONTINUE to support China…make Wal-mart take ownership in the future of this country..if they want to continue their greed….let’s show them that Americans don’t like when other Americans take advantage of their own people. No More!!

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