Wal-mart-McDonalds-Bank of America control both political parties-Middle class powerless…?


                    It’s time we call it the way it is. Big business is in full control of our country, the working poor and middle class are pawns in the chess match of corporate greed and power. We all know the Republicans are the party of big business…but don’t be mislead..the Democrats also worship the Gods of re-election. The supreme court put their stamp of approval on Citizens United… and we the people have lost control of the political process. We’ve created the best government money can buy…corporations rule…the people drool.

         Our president and congress are part-time legislators, and full-time money whores. It’s all about survival of the fittest…and the priorities of the political class threaten our very existence. We’ve allowed corporate dominance, now we grimace at the results… high unemployment, broken health care and 50 million people forced into accepting food stamps. Neither political party has said a word about our American disgrace of a minimum wage that is not even close to a livable wage. Canada has an average minimum wage of $11.00, England $15.00, Australia $16.00 and the USA has a national minimum wage of $7.25..WTF!

    We love to tell the world America is the greatest country in the world, when the truth is we’ve fallen far behind much of the world. Many parts of our country have 3rd world type conditions…poor education, sub-standard housing  …but no shortage of lottery tickets, cigarettes, liquor, fast food that kills us…and pay-day profiteers that suck the life blood out of our working class. We allow the likes of Bank of America and Wells Fargo to finance and  hide behind these payday shops, charging interests rates that run 100 to 500%…not a misprint! Wal-mart pays $11.00 an hour to our neighbors up North in Canada. Profits from Canadian operations are strong…billions of dollars of profits stream to Wal-mart coffers from Canada. Just lately, Wal-mart USA has seen some backlash, there’s pockets of discontent from the workers..but as long as we turn our heads, buy the China made slave labor crap and keep the profits flowing…Wal-mart will continue business as usual.

   Nancy Pelosi recently stated that if Obama is re-elected…they will work to over-turn Citizens United. Sorry to break the news, but she’s not to be believed, it won’t happen…the only way change will happen is if Pelosi feels the heat from the “people”. The middle class has the power of numbers….a 3rd political party that does not accept corporate money is a necessity. Control 10 senate seats and the middle class can control all future legislation. The “Middlecrat” movement can happen…the middle class can out muscle the loan sharks and slave labor lovers. Do we let the corporate powers starve the working class before we take charge..or do we come together and out think and our hustle the burger beasts and money whores? There is a plan of action…donate $20.00 to a new polircal party…a world-wide effort…5 million people equals 100 million dollars…plenty of money to finance senate races in low-hanging small media market states. The world is flat…time for the people to start flattening the thugs that control us…the middle class can seize power!

5 comments on “Wal-mart-McDonalds-Bank of America control both political parties-Middle class powerless…?

  1. Want to hear my off the wall Ideas?
    Healthcare insurance companies either get wiped out or get turned into NPO
    All educational institutions since the are ALL publicly funded anyway NPO
    Oil and mineral right need to be handed over to landowners, oil pumped from US territory, gets used here export surplus oil becomes public property.
    thats to start with

  2. Fascism at its quietest. This is exactly why we couldn’t get a third party candidate at the debates!

  3. Trust your instincts.

  4. Devrie on said:

    It’s very baffling. We have one side giving tax credits and assistance “to those in need,” and the other side is cutting taxes for the wealthy, cutting programs.

    Those tax credits are a catch-22. With wages declining despite corporate profits on the rise, what’s the incentive to hire people at a competitive wage?

    On the other hand, we have Mr. I-hope-my-healthcare-plan-sets-an-example-for-the-nation,-no-nevermind, signing tax pledges he pledged never to sign. Can we trust him? He’s pro choice, then he’s not.

    I would kind of be for the Romney tax policy if I knew he understood why it might work, because he seems to change his mind so fervently that I don’t know what he really wants to do.

  5. yup. i am always so frustrated not to hear more commentary on the desperate need for a 3rd party. our system of govt was never intended to work properly with just 2 parties. it invites stalemate and polarization. and makes it easier for the parties to actually differ very little on something so important as corporate power. but reporters and analysts are virtually silent on the subject. thanks for saying it!

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