Voters are way smarter than American Elect 2012 and it’s bumbling billioniares!


       American Elect 2012 has managed to spend upwards of 30 million dollars and disgraced themselves at the same time..quite a parlay ! Guess it proves all the money in the world doesn’t mean your any smarter than Joe lunch bucket. In fact…Joe lunch bucket is a hell of a lot smarter..don’t underestimate the wisdom of the regular folks that have truly made this country the strongest nation in the world. .  This back door attempt for neo-con domination fell flatter then Enron on their best day. At Least Enron put on a good show and made us believe they might not be a fraud…. American Elect couldn’t even put on a good show…and now their own people are turning the swords against them..quite an achievement for the bumbling billionaires.

   The self-appointed and self absorbed “board of directionless” big shots may have learned a lesson? If they really wanted to promote  a viable third choice in this presidential election ..they might  have considered doing it on the up and up… instead of their  sleazy attempt at privatizing the presidency for their own pleasure.   The Internet may indeed be the super charged powerful force that they were banking on….but the Internet is not brain-dead…far from it. If only they made a legitimate attempt to put together a true ‘peoples” candidate maybe they would have had  some impact. We can see bullshit ..even if it hides behind good old 5 to 4..and keeps the true source of it’s funding shielded.Maybe they just didn’t wanted to be publicly humiliated?  Billionaire Adelson and his 40 million  tried to hoist nutty Newt…he was equally as unsuccessful as American Elect 2012…but at-least he had the courage to identify himself.

  Since AE2012 has cancelled it’s primaries…and can’t seem to find a candidate the qualifies under their “house rules”…maybe they should just give it over to the college kids that have turned the tables  on AE/Bank of America and their hedge fund financiers. Since they do apparently have a ballot position in most states…seems a shame to completely waste  their efforts. One person that has distinguished himself from the pack is former Governor Buddy Roemer. He adds some thought and ideas to the presidential process…we surely can use some honest dialouge … he has shown  some  courage. The corporate chickens behind AE2012 would never have him…so maybe we should support the upstart kids who want the boorish billionaires to  turn in their  well earned  resigination letter. 

    These  super Pacs with all their money can’t fool the public. Maybe Romney’s multi-million dollar onslaught in tiny Iowa was effective…but if that’s the biggest bang theses fat cats  can get from their bullion …it sure proves a point. Little Ricky Santorum and his limited resources almost brought the Romney relics  to their knees. He had real grass roots support from the people….it does show that someone real with the  courage of his own convictions could get some real support.

What a thought! Some real running for principle…. If AE2012 wasn’t just  a shill for billionaires and their cronies….but truly a movement of the people…things might be very different this election season. Perhaps somewhere in our lifetime..we will see a real and honorable challenge to the two party domination of the political process. AE2012 did have a point….checks and balances are a good thing..and if we could shake up both the Democrats and Republicans..maybe some smart people would recognize this and stop playing games with our countries future.  Real Americans Elect that could be a force to reckoned with!

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