Voter’s angry about “suppression”-Republicans to pay big price.


               Night after night a consensus of respected polls is showing this election season swiftly moving away from Mitt Romney and the Republicans. The latest poll show POTUS  now with a 84% chance of winning the general election.Part of the reason for this overwhelming number is the Republican tactic of denying mostly Democrats their right to vote.There’s an angry backlash that has  developed. Even wall street’s Jim Cramer is ticked off when, like my mother, his mother is being denied her right to cast her vote. We can all differ about many issues..and we surely do. However, when you talk about denying folks their American right to vote..a pretty clear consensus develops .A vast majority of  American’s including Republicans, Independents,etc. covet that “inalienable right.” We all can  agree that reasonable measures need to be in place to disallow voter fraud. … the facts show,the amount of voter fraud is so insignificant that the rest of us  “get” whats really going on.   

        There’s 3 states in particular that  stand out in the voter suppression “war” “that’s intentionaly trying to manipulate the election by denying the poor and elderly their right to vote.  Those of us in other states hear about the issue some , but those in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania are at ground zero in this battle… it’s constantly part of the news.  Not surprisingly, these are the 3 key “swing states ” that the Republicans knew that had to win to capture the White-house. Nearly a million voters in each state are being asked some  jump thru hoops to cast their vote. Take time off work, pay for a bus ride miles obtain the required identification.

     It seems so interesting that these  supposedly swing states, have had such a remarkable move in the  polls. Pennsylvania was always tipping Obama …but now he leads by 12  points. Ohio was leaning Romney…and now Obama has  seized the lead by a commanding 9 points. In Florida, where it was considered dead even, Obama has pulled out to an unlikely 7  point edge. No doubt Romney’s incompetence has much to do with these numbers, but the voter suppression issue..has “supercharged ” the electorate in these states.

    So expect no “coattails” for the Republcians. Conservative turnout will be muted, and the Democratic  enthusiam is  strong. Voter supression may not have been the difference presdientially… considering  Romeny’s self-disqualification ( self-deportation ). The biggest surprises will be felt locally, delivering both houses of congress to the Democrats. You shouldnt mess with people’s right to vote…the wrath of the “people” is Democracy in action! God bless America.

6 comments on “Voter’s angry about “suppression”-Republicans to pay big price.

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  2. Did you read this article? Of course it’s about race. We agree. What are you talking about?

  3. butchrebel on said:

    @Paula King Luciano:

    Just because YOU think voter suppression laws are not “about race” — that doesn’t make your OPINION factual.

    Fact is, the U.S. has a long history of suppressing and entirely annihilating people of color’s (and poor whites) of their voting rights. Poor whites were harmed by racist Jim Crow laws that discriminated against voters of color (don’t know how — pick up a history book).

    Middle and upper class people who vote Democrat have the resources to jump through the hoops and over the hurdles voter suppression laws put in their way.

    Poor and working class people, who are disproportionately people of color, and constituted by a significant number of elderly people and veterans, don’t have the same resources (money, time, and mobility, for example — lack of a car, inability to drive b/c of one’s age or disability, a rigid work schedule, etc) that permit them to jump through the hoops and over the hurdles — and deal effectively with the added burdens with which voter suppression laws present.

    What seems easy to one person or a group of people can be (and frequently is) a burden for others who don’t share their institutional privileges.

    You clearly don’t see or understand your privilege. If you are white, middle or upper class, able-bodied, &/or a non-veteran, for example — you have racial, class, able-bodied/ability, and non-veteran privilege. Don’t know what those privileges are and how they BENEFIT you and translate into concrete LIMITATIONS and discrimination against others? Google it — start with “white privilege” (if that’s a category that applies to you).

    And try to remember, that YOUR individual experience of life in your small part of the world does NOT define or reflect the experiences of the hugely diverse group of people that live all over the United States.

    The kind of myopia, lack of compassion, failure to self-analyze — to ask, “What might I be missing here?” that your comment demonstrates is staggering, disappointing, and dangerous.

    Because it’s people like you that think they know everything there is to know about everyone and everything — that their view is THE RIGHT view. That there view is all that matters.

    How dare you tell other people that race and racism has nothing to do with their struggle? There is NO way you can know that — unless you share those people’s racial identities, and therefore, experiences of oppression.

  4. Valdis Kletnieks on said:

    “If *ONE* fraudulent vote is cast it makes the entire election void in my opinion” (emphasis added).

    You *do* realize that’s an impossibly high standard to meet, right? Especially considering that there is no naturalization paperwork on file for Barack Obama – and some people *still* believe he’s not natural born. Ergo – if he votes, under your standard those people could claim the entire election was void.

    Is that what you really want?

    (P.S. I’m glad *you* live a few minute’s walk away from the office. Some people in rural areas are looking at an hour drive each way – plus having to take time off work to do so, which cuts into your paycheck if you’re paid by the hour. This “get a new ID” thing *is* a hardship for some people.

  5. Paula Kling Luciano on said:

    If one fraudulent vote is cast it makes the entire election void in my opinion. I am sick of this law being made about race.

    I live in PA and had to change my name on my voter registration this year because for the last several elections I was allowed to vote even my name changed because I simply told them my name.

    it took me literally 15 minutes to do this and that includes walking to the voter registration office and home again.

    Because this law applies to EVERY American Citizen of these states, it is not unfair or discrimination.

    If voting is as important to those who claim these hardships, I am sure they can find a way, people in their community, family members, neighbors to get the proper ID and cast a VALID LEGAL vote so there is never another 2000 debacle again!

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