Voter suppression challenges American Integrity…


                      I lost my mom this year….I loved her very much.  She struggled for many years, but through it all she received respectable health care. Not perfect by any means, but it’s an imperfect world. Toward the end, mom wasn’t allowed to drive anymore, and turned in her license. She wasn’t happy about  it…but it needed to happen. Then she spent months in and out of the hospital….things were touch and go and we did the best we could. She spent over a year between the time she gave up her license and passing. She was hoping to live long enough to vote in this years election.  My mom had never missed an election in her 81 years. She’s hardly a scofflaw ..but under the new voters law ….she would be excluded from voting in this Novembers Presidential election here in pivotal Florida. Many other seniors have similar stories and it’s a national disgrace to be hassling these proud Americans.  

       Even more restrictive laws have been enacted in the key states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Republicans are willfully and conciously trying to deny as many elderly people the right to vote as possible. Medicare is a key issue, and seniors overwhelming would be supporting Obama. Some 750,000 voters are in jeopardy of not getting to vote just in Pennsylvania alone. So, we are intentionally  excluding our seniors, minorities, and many poor from being able to vote.  Laws passed by wealthy white people are intentionally disenfranchising  Americans  from voter participation. This is a blight on our country , certainly the world looks with justifiable disdain at these goings on. I can’t help but thinking how God (or your version of a higher power) will hold human kind responsible for this bad behavior. Winning at any cost…willful isolation of the elderly and minorities … how we can explain this disgraceful behavior to the almighty?

  The intentional creation of laws to manipulate election is as ugly as it gets. It’s our modern world version of Jim Crow laws. American’s  cannot sit on their hands and allow this to happen with little or no objections…we need to make some noise!  The justice department is looking into the legality of these new laws, but we must proceed as indeed the laws may hold up in the courts. For now…we need the people from states  like New York and Illinois ,.. safe Obama states, to use their  people and resources to make sure we get anyone that wants to vote… the get the identification required in these other tea party threatened states.  Sometimes there’s a fee, many times its a long bus ride for a person to get identification,  and all these things cost money. How we handle this voter suppression issue..will have real and spiritual ramifications…we need to do the right thing. Voter suppression challenges everything our great country stands for…it’s time to make a stand and protect voters rights, not let the dark forces shut them down. Is America still land of the free…and home of the brave?


2 comments on “Voter suppression challenges American Integrity…

  1. Always glad to get diverse opinoin…thanks or sharing

  2. 1. Condolences on the loss of your Mother!

    Everything else you spout off is a standard lie!!! When your Mother turned in helicensece, she could have gotten a state ID very easily. Anyone else needs an ID for just about any other type obusinessss they do anywhere else. You are so wrong on this issue, and you know it!!! Heck, they had to have Id’s to get in to the DNC liefest last week, and they are guilty of votesuppressionon of their own people, live on national TV!!! On that vote on the 2 platform changes thNay’s’s clearly were more than the YEA’s, all 3 times he took that voice vote, and the man still said that the YEA’s have it!!! Suppressing your owdelegate’s’s vote, and ignoring them while the whole world watched on live TV!!! Not very bright!!!
    Grow up and stop with the lies about “votsuppressionion” because as the nation saw the DNC is the GUILTY one on this!!! YOU LOSE!!! Try tell the truth next time, pal!!!!!!!!

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