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Twitter revolution is among the most amazing new mediato explode in the 21st. Century. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Midwestern born and bred Jack Dorsey. His twitter creation has helped even the playing field for citizen journalists. Whereas Thomas Paine & Ben Franklin harnessed the power of the printing press, today a guy with a cell phone may spar off against the old media elite. This of course does not a revolutionary or intellectual make, but don’t get caught sleeping at the wheel anymore either.


Dorsey meanwhile, signaled his intentions to become Mayor of New York. The current Mayor Bloomberg’s term expires in 2014, opening the way for a new type of political candidate. While Bloomberg owns a leading media company, (Bloomberg News), and is the 10th richest person in the world, Dorsey ranks at 392. His new company, Square, is and will continue to revolutionize how we function. They make spending your money easy and secure with a click of your cell phone. Forget about cash or even credit cards, “…that’s sooo last century!”


Can Jack Dorsey be a political pioneer as he was the brains behind the twitter revolution? The answer is clearly yes, for those who understand that true political power is in the hands of the people. Perhaps Dorsey will be the first politician to take the MIDDLECRAT, [i.e.] truly Independent banner to a Mayoral victory. The vision is to rally around sensible moderation and cohesion that the two major parties have proven to be incapable of.


We have little public information about Jack Dorsey and his political leanings. But his chances of dominating the middle of the political spectrum are certainly more than merely plausible. After the launch of his new startup, Square, early indications are it will be a monstrous success. Thereby fueling billionaire bullion to a man that knows how to make it work. His technological acumen will enhance a new political party in the making. I’m predicting that Dorsey will not run as a Democrat or Republican!


He will carve out a new space as the tech-savvy pragmatist. So much more can be accomplished through the twitter platform. POTUS tweets, The Pope tweets, the rich and powerful, you and I, and users world-wide do likewise. With societal and political landscapes changing with greater rapidity, will polling companies be rendered obsolete? Possibly they may, or look for new ways of conducting research. For when anything important is happening, all eyes look to twitter with ever greater frequency. Early indications of results pertaining to every event imaginable, (and always including cutting edge), are forwarded by educated opinions of empowered twitter users, all across the globe. Today, we have seen but the beginning of communication formerly unavailable.


Will Dorsey be the political pioneer that grabs the middle? Someone shall surely try to take control of the old GOP that has been sunk by its own internal discontent. Bring along Independents and Democrats tired of waiting for bipartisanship to return. Dorsey, aided by his twitter family, could do much to change the political landscape in the next few years, and can begin in New York. But, while Dorsey may say New York, he can be the new Founding Father, whose genius historians decades from now may crown as such.


These shall be the guiding principles of a new kind of political movement. The authors of the U.S. Constitution created what is known as, the great experiment. Perhaps a new political centrist, tech leader Jack Dorsey can bring the guy with a cheap cell phone along, realizing what the Founders envisioned. Empowered to bring his twitter revolution to, we the people, and rid our landscapes of inefficiencies. The backward thinking world is stagnant and just doesn’t get it!


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