Time for the “OCCUPY” movement to mature- move to “CENTER ” stage…


                  The “OCCUPY’ movement of 2012 is about to have it’s big  day. Eyeing 40 ‘corporate” targets, this well-meaning international protest has pledged to create non-violent havoc on September 17th. Just one year ago , protesters took over Zuccotti Park in New York…and other locations throughout America. The have focused the spotlight on corporate irresponsibility. They call out for “justice for the 99%..a more equitable distribution of  wealth.  Unfortunately, these protests produced paltry ctowds, a few hundred arrests and not much else.

       While I personally share many of the same goals as the “occupy” movement….this group continues to struggle for relevance. Making trash out of our parks and garnering unfavorable publicity is senseless and plays into the hands of those that the movement most hopes to dethrone from  power and influence. The social network and overall infrastructure the “occupy” movement has created is in many way historic and important..and could be the basis for future political change .For the movement to succeed, the American middle class must be included. Meaning, this must be a movement of Republicans and Democrats (Ind/Lib..et all) ..not a movement that is currently  dominated by the left, lined up deep with Atheists, tree-hugger, pot smokers, the LGBT community, and the disenfranchised. The movement has the ability to be so much more, only if their efforts were focused on “battles” that are winnable. The American middle class welcomes pro-life fiscal conservatives… . Jesus is more than welcome, as are Jews, Muslims, atheists, extraterrestrials…  all with a good heart and love to share.

         Our electoral process of selecting Presidents and Senators is particularly broken…and there’s away the middle class can exploit the opening. If the occupy movement..or the “Middlecrats”..took control of 10 or 15 senate seats…we would be the arbiters of all future legislation. Nothing important would get passed legislatively until the middle class…the Middlecrats….agreedto the bargain.  So small states wouldn’t be left out, the constitution gave just as much power to Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Montana and Minnesota as they did to Texas, California, New York Florida and Illinois…in the senate…and the senate is what counts. The house is obsolete and dysfunctional…they are powerless without senatorial stamp of approval. These  states, cheap ad markets, low populations….independent leaning with pissed-off electorate…are prime territory to give birth to a real movement that makes legislation. A global occupy movement but with truly a big tent…could capture these seats..and so much more as time goes on. 

     Time for the “Occupy” movement to evolve into truly a mainstream, middle-class effort .Regain power and influence for the people whose  sweat equity  built this country..and whose powers  been lost to “big bank derivative madness” Let’s include all the middle class in the movement..and watch change happen fast. The country doesn’t need four more years of gridlock, it need’s years of thoughtful politicians making the decisions based on reality..not checkbooks and influence….trust the middle class to do what’s needed…time for the “OCCUPY ” movement to move “CENTER” stage.

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