Time for Democratic humility and compromise…. fiscal cliff looms.


                       While the Democrats celebrate their ‘big” victory…it didn’t take long for the “big hangover” to arrive. The American stock market suffered their sharpest retreat of the year. Smart money has been  loading up on the “short” side ..all indications are the stock market is in for a very rough ride. Corporate profits are not keeping up with the wild valuations. Cheap money has forced money managers into the stock market …making 1% on bonds doesn’t pay the bills. Financial markets are looking ahead and trouble looms. The markets are very concerned that gridlock will return to Washington next year ..with this country not able to form a comprehensive and cohesive economic reform legislation. In order to forge an economic reform that will instill confidence from the “markets” …Democrats and Republicans need to get together..for real.

        Tonight’s gloating by Rachel Maddow and other liberals is not where the Democrats should be going. In order to minimize  bad feelings and further gridlock ..it’s time for sensitivity training. This country cannot get the needed legislation through with only one political party..  That means some real bargaining needs to take place. Democrat’s loathe to extend any Bush tax cuts..but reality may dictate a more amiable position from president Obama. The magic about being a second term president-Obama is free to “disappoint” liberals …no more elections in sight. Look for president Obama to half-extend the Bush tax cuts in order to forge a more favorable over-all economic plan. Democrats also need to get real about making some necessary changes in Medicare and Social security. Obama now has the politcal cushion to take an unpopular position and talk turkey with the Republicans. Cost need to be contained, there are many ways to make adjustments. Look for ‘means testing” to return to the national jargon. This sensible idea could tier deductibles and co-pays to be decidedly higher for high net worth individuals….saving the system additional money. Americans are living longer and longer…adjusting the social security retirement age is something that simply must happen…people under 30 may see their retirement age go to 70.

          It’s time for the wine and cheese crowd to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with their more conservative neighbors. No one political  party has an exclusive on the truth . The economic insanity must end…we must both cut governmental spending and raise revenues in order to sustain an economic recovery. Both political parties are under pressure to perform…Republicans are on death watch…and it may be an embolden President Obama that breathes life back to the Republicans…politics indeed makes strange bedfellows.

3 comments on “Time for Democratic humility and compromise…. fiscal cliff looms.

  1. Yor comments are mostly on target…except GOP talking points. No one is 100% correct always…Dems or Gop or Ron or Tom…

  2. Thomas Waters on said:

    There is no fiscal cliff, and Dems aren’t loathe to continue the Bush tax cuts on the middle class. They only refuse toconti ue,the cuts on the very wealthy. You have some of you ur facts, a bit off me thinks.

    As for compromise, Obama has already signaled his willingness to compromise, and the history of the past four years demonstrates that the lack of compromise hasn’t been the fault of the Dems side of things.

    This type if rhetoric, YOUR BLOG POST, is exactly the type of crap that keeps us from making progress. Come on and visit reality instead of living in a GOP talking point.

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