The “right” to vote?..Or, the ‘White” to vote?

Americans love  to brag about our Democracy . We have presidential elections every four years..a  free and open electoral  process for all? In reality, we have an electoral process that’s partisan and perverted. The right- wing couldn’t care less about real emancipation and voter participation.                                                                         The truth of the matter is there’s a very dangerous game being played in state after state .  Some 20 states are trying to-disenfranchise as many voters as possible . Republicans have no shame.. and will try to win this election any way they can.  They right wing claims they are trying to save Democracy from voter fraud.. but the truth is the are commiting the biggest fraud of all.

An battle of epic proportions is underway.. and once again Florida takes center stage .  Govenor Rick Scott and his tea party brethren Money and Religion in America- Fueling political polarization…. battling the federal government over how many Americans Florida can possibly deny their right to vote. Not surprisingly , the vast majority of potential voters  being denied their right to vote are poorer and darker than the tea slingers. The people who live in gated communities have no worries about their vote counting .. but people living in urban communities aren’t as  fortunate.

This “win” at any price mentality  threatens not only Democracy … but it also threatens the  way of life here in the United States. With economic hardship felt deep and wide..  the disgraceful attemp to count 3/5ths of the minority vote brings back some ugly memories. The fuse is smoldering here in America. Alas, there’s time left to make sure we have a free and fair election.

America is a great country .. and in the spirit of allowing Democracy  to sing loud and clear.. lets all demand an election that’s fair.. and doesn’t leave out anybody. Let the candidate with the most votes win.. and we will support that American President . Let’s ask Romney what his position is on voter participation in Florida….. with enough pressure.., Romney may find it politically expedient to separate himself from the  tea madness. Any true independent voter should be very waryoff any president who try’s to win with a stacked deck. Let’s make sure our leaders know we demand a free, fair and inclusive election.

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