The real state of the union? – Raise the minimum wage and stop corporate welfare…


                      We’re about to hear the 5th state of the union from President Obama. We’re going to hear lots of ideas for job creation. We’re going to hear about the president saving “Detroit”. Green energy, infrastructure improvement, education and increased opportunity, but will we even hear the word “minimum wage” mentioned?  Is the Democratic party so beholden to their plethora of corporate sponsors that Obama is not about to push the most important issue facing the American workforce. Does Obama take leadership and use his  bully pulpit and truly stand up and fight for America’s working class, both blue and white collar workers?

                      Artificially low pay holds down wages for low wage workers and  middle managers… the entirety of America’s work force. Walmart sports a  profit of 16 billion dollars, and the Walton family is obscenely wealth, while  their million or so workforce has taken advantage of. It’s a human tragedy. The excesses of capitalism need to be reeled in by a more foreword looking economic policy. 70% of America’s economy is consumer driven, a team of wild horses couldn’t hold back America’s underpaid class…give them more disposable dollars, and that money will be recirculated bolstering America’s economic strength.

                      Canada now has an average minimum wage of $15.00 dollars an hour. Australia is $16.00 dollars and hour. Most of England averages $14.00 an hour. America’s prevailing national minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Progressive Florida has a minimum wage of $7.65 an hour. Is it any wonder that 50 million people are forced into accepting “food stamps”? Walmart and their greedy peers employee the majority of their folks part-time, getting them off the hook for responsibility of offering health care. This leaves the burden to the government, as corporate America shirks their responsibility of offering humane treatment to the people that make them billions of dollars every year.

                       Dont wait for the Republicans to raise the minimum wage or talk about the right to work laws. If the Democrats fail to fight for the American worker, maybe it’s time for that 3rd political party to represent the interest of the millions of folks that work hard for wages that provide less than a livable wage. One out of every 4 kids in America live in poverty… those in their gated communities must come to terms with the disparity of incomes… it’s simply unsustainable in a fair and just America.  The middle class can take control, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the unregistered can rally together to bring a more just wage system in place… keeping  America the great country it’s always been. Can the Middlecratic party bring it’s middlecratic values… and put American back on course to being the envy of the world? So what’s the real state of the union? Stop starving out the American worker… stop allowing corporate welfare to artificially hold down wages… stand up  for us now Mr. President!

One comment on “The real state of the union? – Raise the minimum wage and stop corporate welfare…

  1. Fair Wage Folks on said:

    Fair Wage Folks Turn in Signatures at Eureka City Hall for $12 Minimum Wage Ordinance

    Media Contact: James Decker (707) 761-5247

    Eureka, CA: On Thursday afternoon, February 7th, the “Fair Wage folks” submitted about 2,700 petition signatures to qualify the Eureka Fair Wage Act (aka Minimum Wage Ordinance) for the city ballot. This people’s initiative, if passed by voters, would raise the minimum wage from $8 to $12 for large employers to pay their workers in the city limits.

    The Fair Wage folks thank the people of Eureka and throughout the county for their warm support and look forward to winning a fairer wage this year.

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