The president’s ready to fight for a $9.00 minimum wage. Let’s get behind this critical isssue….

                    The president had a very good night at the State of the Union. He was at his best, and outlined his vision for America’s success in the future. Obama was clear about his minimum wage intentions, and the importance in giving a working family a chance to raise a family and remaining above the poverty level. Two adults working a 40 hours week and earning $15,000 each, with two kids, still qualify food stamps. Let the large corporations enter the modern world and pay wages that support American families, and let’s stop Americans from needing food stamp assistance.

                    Our largest corporations pay low wages, have lots of part-time non-benefit qualifying employees. The Wal-mart-ization of America has gone too far.  Americans must step up and protect their brothers and sisters. An adult $9.00 an hour national minimum wage is overdue, necessary and just. With Walmart’s 16 billion dollar profit last year… blind man knows the workers should earn enough money to buy products from the corporation they work for. If corporations continue to burn out their potential customers… what’s the point of a capitalism system anyhow? The disparate American media machine, big networks, blogger… across the Internet, should seize on Obama’s goal of a $9.00 an hour adult minimum wage. This will help raise wages for the rest of us, who are also mostly frozen in a tight compensation range… many American workers deserve better wages. We all have a stake in making sure those that work 40 hours a week can have enough  resources to raise a family just like wealthier Americans…we are all God’s children.

                    Let’s make our feelings loud and clear. Yes to a federal minimum wage of $9.00 an hour. Now, without delay! This issue has gone unattended for year. We need to make sure there is a resilient American middle class. We’re all in this together. Feeling we can get a bi-partisian agreement on a $9.00 minimum wage this year. Let’s make sure we get the job done on this key issue facing America.

7 comments on “The president’s ready to fight for a $9.00 minimum wage. Let’s get behind this critical isssue….

  1. Price of labor goes up, so does product. So it costs min wage earners more money to buy goods/services. Just like gas prices, the cost of oil goes up, so does the price of gasoline. Raising min wage only drives up prices.

    What unions/liberal preach only shows how naive they are to the economics in a capitalist society, and are weak in operating a government.

  2. Patricia Stidham-Burns on said:

    It does worry me that @ $9.00 an hour this could kick many families off of Food Stamps. I realize we need to raise the minimum wage but it needs to be a LIVING wage. It makes no difference where Obama sets the minimum wage at..the Republicans will NEVER pass it. They work for “We the Rich” not “We the People”

  3. Minimum wages must rise. Some pricing adjustments will be made. We should be encouraging individual advancment ..some on the margins may make more and recieve less..but a line must be drawn somewhere. Better wages and smaller governmenalt subsidies is good.

  4. Jay H. Berman on said:

    Dear Ron,

    I love your work & usually agree with you wholeheartedly. This time, it’s a bit complicated. Here’s why; the American minimum-wage labor market does not solely consist of low wage earners who are exploited by the mega-corps. While your argument is correct – it leaves out a significant segment of both low-skilled, combined with specifically trained minimum wage earners.

    I’ve owned & operated (3) small businesses & maintained staff(s) of 1- 10 persons. They were paid in accordance with prevailing rates @ that time in those industries, (& the markets we served) – which was always higher than the minimum wage. Bonuses were always made available monthly & were performance based, along with bi-annual pay increase evaluation. I always believed in being fair & paying my staff what they deserved. But this was only to the degree that it was possible for me to do so, & remain viable.

    My point Ron, is that the following small businesses fall into the proverbial “mom & pop / or family” if you will , type of operation. Pizza parlors, (NOT corporate chains like Domino’s), Chinese take-out & delivery, barbers, hair-stylists & manicurists, tanning parlors & massage therapists, all the many other individually owned food establishments, the corner Tavern, small bookstores, individually owned convenience stores, dry cleaners, small print shops, clothing stores, thrift stores, antique dealers, craft stores, framing & art supplies, repair shops for autos, electronic appliances, or high tech gadgets, bakeries, cigar bars, head-shops, tailors- seamstresses & dressmakers, bridal shops, tuxedo stores, health & beauty supply shops, bicycle stores, shoe stores, hobby shops, florists, landscaping, garden supply stores, . . . the list is literally endless. These are again, operations of a sole proprietor, or small group, such as a family or a couple of good friends.

    All of the above are sometimes of the corporate, chain, or even franchise operational structure. These, you are 100% correct about wage to earnings ratios & consumer purchasing power! I totally agree, although I would add the caveat that it seems & feels like a moral issue, yet really isn’t. The problem is that Capitalism is not democratic & is not inherently ethical or moral. Adam Smith, in Wealth of Nations, spoke of the exploitation of human labor! The conundrum exists because of people like you who care, & I applaud your efforts.

    Today, two good friends of mine, (who are brothers), operate their own pizzaria & I’m happy to say they are doing well. What began with a staff of 4, (including themselves), has doubled in one year. But, Ron, sad to say, if they had to pay $9.00 +, rather than the current rate – they’d likely be forced to close their doors. Either that, or scale back so much they would have no staff other than a driver delivering for them. This is the point at which the conversation becomes complicated & problematic.
    Because the increases that are indeed necessary as you correctly point out, are not as they’ve been in the past. Historically, these increases were small incremental percentiles, so that the smallest owner-operator could absorb it.

    We are talking about increases of around 30% or more. For a business earning $50 to $100K, per fiscal year, it’s just too much to swallow. I often paid my workers but not myself, especially in the first 6-12 months of operation – later during periods of economic slowdown. It made me happy & proud to give out raises & bonuses. My mentor taught me the value of a happy workforce, plus – it felt right, it felt good!

    I like to believe that most small business owners of the variety I describe, which is the low end of the totem-pole, feel as I do. Maybe the answer is sliding scale, based upon mathematical calculations designed to provide much needed increased paychecks, while not bankrupting those employers at the bottom.

    Would love to know your thoughts. Surely, you must receive so much correspondence that not everyone can be answered individually. But, short of a direct reply, maybe you might care to consider writing further on this most vital concern. Thank you so much for your efforts sir. They do not go unnoticed by many more than you may realize.

    Best regards,
    Jay H. Berman,(D)
    Ft.Lauderdale, FL.
    Author, Consumer Advocate, Political Activist, Supporter of, UNWFP, Haitian Relief, Emily’s List,,, Progressives United, Concept House, Camillus House, Miami Rescue Mission, Broward Outreach Centers, MANNA Food Pantry, Broward Housing Solutions, The Salvation Army, The Humane Society, DNCC, Sen. Bill Nelson, Sen. Al Franken, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen Dianne Feinstein, Rep. Lois Frankel, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

  5. AProffitt on said:

    Out of Ignorance: I ask what will be the pros and cons of raising “adult”? minimum wage to $9.00. This sounds better for those food stamp families mentioned above, but will it force people off food stamps by giving them a few thousand more a year instead of actually helping them off? Is this a counter to forcing employers to give benefits to full time employees making 2/3 full time employees drop to part-time?

  6. Minnie Kline on said:

    President we are behind you 100%

  7. I love your sentiment, but seriously doubt any change will come from Obama’s promise. He campaigned for raising the minimum wage to win his first term. What has been doing this whole time? The State of the Union was just a pep talk to a nation that is getting worried. Don’t give too much credence to anything President Obama, or any other politician, promises.

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