The perils of political polarization…Divide and conquer?

With Romney looking more and more like a sure bet for the’s time to consider the ramifications of an Obama/Romney slug-fest. It’s clear their is little common ground between the two. Actually, the amount of common ground that exists between the Republicans and Democrats parties these days is practically non-existent. This sets up for a very divisive campaign.

It’s disquieting to watch the various news accounts about  Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The liberal media describes each in certain terms. Turn on conservative programing, and they have a completely different perspective and take on the incident. These days I turn to neither Fox news or MSNBC…I feel like I’m getting spun on either channel…can someone just give me the news and let me decide how I feel? It really shouldn’t be a Repub vs Dem issue…but it sure feels that what it’s turning into.

The constitutionality of the Affordable Health care act is under formal debate in the supreme court.  However that’s decided, this is more red meat for this dysfunctional country. Progressives and Conservatives each lined up in their intransigent positions. ..some large group is going to be very unhappy. In hindsight, it would have behooved POTUS to include atleast some Republican support in the original legislation. Obama tried to do too much without any bipartisan support…look for old 5 to 4 to hand POTUS a setback. …the perils of political polarization…

Is Romney really against planned parenthood? I find his position shocking and a betrayal to not only all women-but all human beings . Does he honestly feel they don’t perform an important function?  Does Romney realize for millions of women this is the ONLY medical care they might get? This is not a conservative vs liberal issue…at-least it shouldn’t be. Don’t conservative people give birth to girls too? Is health care in America just a privilege? Are we really discussing  the merits of contraception in 2012? Were still debating abortion issues decided decades ago. How can rehashing history move our county forward?

Can we move past the dishonest dialogue of Democrats raising taxes on the rich…and Republicans cutting taxes further for corporation and the well to do? The real debate is much more complicated, and tax policy and this country can’t make progress when we continue to paint each other into the corner. It’s not an all or nothing debate..neither side has an exclusive on the truth..can we forge consensus and make progress.There’s a host of other issues that continue to polarize as well. LGBT issues , lack of equal justice via the death pentalty .gun control and the future of public education. It really does seem that both political sides are both so dug in that real progress might be impossible.

We shall find out in the coming months if the ramifications of political polarization give rise to a new political force in this country. The majority of Americans that find themselves not far right or far left….actually comprise the biggest power group in the country. The “RADICAL MIDDLE” is upset and underrepresented!  With  a big opening right up the middle..does American Elect 2012..plan to divide and conquer…and take advantage of our political polarization?




4 comments on “The perils of political polarization…Divide and conquer?

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  3. Your anger mirrors many. Some will use voter discontent to feather their own nest. It’s the American way…money rules..voters drool.

  4. are you kidding me? The two parties agree on nearly everything – that is, doing everything they can to increase the profitability of corporations. Obama’s healthcare bill was modeled on Romney’s – handouts to pharma/insurance to prevent a real healthcare system run by and for the people. They both want to cut taxes as much as possible for wealthy and corporations. They both want a policy of military aggression to protect/expand the interests of multinationals. They both support taking away our civil liberties. There are differences, no doubt, but these are differences in degree, not differences in world view.

    There is certainly polarization in the media, but that is simply a distraction to prevent the plebeians from realizing that both parties are out to screw them.

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