Has the mainstream media disappeared along with Malaysia # 370? #MH370

Its become more than obvious that Americas free press has given way to a very expensive toy for the billionaires that run our world . If Americas ( not so ) free press had any credibility left , it has vanished with flight #370.

CNN particularly has disgraced itself . Anderson Cooper spent 2 years in Langley , Virginia. Erin Burnett is a member of the Council on Foreign relations . Night after night , the CIA news network “mocks” the American people with Bullshit .

The first few weeks they sold us on a Northern route , a Southern Route . Now they spend 24 hours a day selling us on a route straight into the Indian Ocean .

Whatever happened to investigative Journalism ? Is Cooper and Burnett that stupid that they can’t smell the connection of Freescale semiconductor and Americas not so secret , secret military base in Diego Garcia?

Night after night they discredit themselves… selling the world on the governments contorted story of what they want to make us believe about what happened to flight # 370 .

Let’s ask the real questions . Was flight #370 headed for Bejing with dangerous cargo ? Was the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur a target ? What role did the Ukrainian crisis play in this military operation ?

How is the federal reserve board involved with the currency crisis , China and Russia? Why did the Rothchilds buy Freescale ( supposedly a minor chip player) for 18 BILLION dollars ? What Roll does George Bush , Dick Cheney and skull and bones have in Americas shadow government .

One guy and a phone can’t have all the answers. Unfortunately , the Mainstream media can’t even provide the questions . What remains of our free press disappeared with Malaysian flight #370!

One comment on “Has the mainstream media disappeared along with Malaysia # 370? #MH370

  1. Marianne Chrysanthou on said:

    They are looking for the Phantom of the opera… until somebody starts singing.!!!!

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