The Backlog in V.A. Disability Claims is worse!”

“The Backlog in V.A. Disability Claims is worse!”

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, is the man being held accountable for the Veterans Administration problems. He is also the man who was given his job by a beleaguered Pres. Obama. The most pressing problem in particular is the backlog of a huge growing inventory of claims for disability compensation; filed by wounded or ill veterans. Nearly 600,000 claims qualified as backlogged, according to both the N.Y. Times & other major media outlets. Backlogged claims are defined by the V.A. as those pending for over 125 days.

Imagine a wounded warrior unable to fully re-adjust to civilian life being without support from their government. Not for a couple of weeks or even thirty days -no . . . but for as much as four months & more!

This observer is asking the question, “why is this not at the top of our list of priorities as a people?!”    

“I’m going on record right now, in declaring my bitter anger, disgust & mistrust of our elected leaders – aka Hermes of hubris.” Instead of doing what is morally correct – Wash. embroils itself in partisan politics over the I.R.S., Associated Press & Benghazi. “These are vital concerns, no doubt, but above & beyond our concern for Americans finest? Hell No!”

The number of delayed processing of disability claims is worsening & so are complaints. Last year, veteran’s advocates tried to make the backlog a campaign issue, but, failed. Now, criticism grows louder & yet louder still. Concerned Veterans for America created a Web video calling for Shinseki’s resignation; they sponsor an online petition signed by more than 9,000 people. (R) Congressman Duncan Hunter is a Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq & Afghanistan. He has taken up the fight calling for action. A letter signed by 67 senators urges Obama to resolve the problem.

Yet, The White House has expressed support for Sec. Shinseki, (a former four-star general). (R)Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee called the Secretary honorable & trustworthy; but raised questions about the secretary’s staff. He called for the firing of Under-secretary Allison A. Hickey, who oversees disability compensation. The Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, (I) Bernie Sanders of Vermont, praised Mr. Shinseki for setting a deadline to end the backlog by 2015.

This also leaves us with the following additional catastrophic dilemma. That is the question of stateside suicides. Combat vets who are home & left dangling in the wind due to the V.A. backlog. These brave warriors are taking their own lives in unprecedented horrifying numbers.

Our Commander in Chief has failed his battle scared troops. Is such severely harsh criticism unfair? Well, Obama chose the man running a V.A. that clearly has failed – & he steadfastly chooses not to replace him. Now, you decide.



One comment on “The Backlog in V.A. Disability Claims is worse!”

  1. Teese Powell on said:

    Because it’s all theater. If those Senators had an ounce of concern they’d donate their salaries as loans until the benefits rolled in.
    Because of apathy- the corporations protected by these soliders so they’re allowed to do business internationally could pay these benefits out of their huge profits. But they really don’t care as long as the military personnel keep laying their lives down.
    Because the American public is to bogged down in partisan politics or worse, their own mindless crisis, which they don’t eve realize they wouldn’t be able to endulge in if our shores weren’t protected from attack.

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