Is the two party system failing? …do we need a referee? – Middlecrats Unite.


        Whether Barack Obama holds on and win his second term, or the Romney/Ryan team closes with a rush to snag victory, the American people are in for bumpy ride. Current economic realities …. and all the  many other same issues… will challenge this country regardless of the winner. Special interests money has bets on both sides, and will be ready to cash in their public sector profit chips. Any meaningful legislation that could make significant inroads to problem solving ….will be handcuffed in a polarized political climate

                  If the government improves and gets more efficient….the American people will benfit. . The political movement to empower the AMERICAN MIDDLE  is avaible to all of us…at our fingertips.right now!  The pissed off, dis-enchanted American center deserves some attention. The “Middlecrats” can seize power..and offer pragmatic solutions…by controlling 20 senatorial seats. We don’t need to win the White House anytime soon. 40 Republican senators , 40 Democratic senators…we only need roughly 20% of the senate to have as much power as the Republicans or Democrats…or even more!

     Want an example? “Middlecrats” believe that food stamps is both an essential safety net for Americans,  but also is a breeding ground for abuse and shenanigans… at taxpayer expense..  A more modern approach is needed to both reign in governmental  spending..and making sure out tax dollars are guarded coming and going. We change the food stamp program, so the user can only cash the “people’s money” in a government-sanctioned  super-mart. The food stamp money is worthless unless purchased thru this special debit card procedure..easy to do these days. We only allow products to be sold in these stores that pass Governemenal heatlhy food standards. No high fructose sugar to make our kids fat ..or produce more diabetes and  …to “tax” our health care system .Pragmatic,progressive approaches are needed to make government work… If were going to give away food, at least make it healthy and nutritional. These store will not sell soda pop… cigarettes, alcohol..lottery-tickets..or Doritos…! …just wholesome food. Costs are contained..and these stores can be “public/private” partnerships, so Wal-mart doesn’t have a heart attack! 

    Solutions for a host of problems can be implemented if we can sideline “special interest” money…and fast-track true “American people money” We only need to seize the balance of power, we only need a tactical slice of power, to be the deal makers or breakers. Sensible Americans should realize the power we have if we think and organize.The 2 party system is antiquated, and no longer serves the best interests of the American people.  Middlecrats unite!

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  1. Thanks for your comments and questions. Their’s alot there…many issues have been addressed in my blog. Suffice to say I agree with much you say, at the same time I do think there’s lots of room for improvement…Aa Obama said ast night, No one politcal party has the monoploy on the truth.

  2. fredamae on said:

    What about just returning to the good old days of giving USDA food? The plan for “designated grocery stores” will not work b/c not all needy families would have access due to restrictive access/store availability.
    Secondly, I think the program certainly has its abusers-but I see this as the “same ‘ol-same ‘ol” mentality of focusing on the Minority Negatives without seeing the Majority of recipients are honest. The SNAP program overall is a huge beneficial success. There is Always going to be a segment of our population who will cheat the system regardless of the issue and program-100% is never going to be achievable, so perhaps we should look to the successes/benefits instead of the negatives.
    The real abusers w/in our system are those who refuse to pay their fair share in taxes/wages. If That were resolved the Burden on said social programs would Drop because the economy would thusly be improved and folks would return to work in good paying jobs. This “example” simply reviews the symptoms of the disease without resolving the root cause.
    What are your positions on inflated defense spending? Citizens United? Campaign Reform? Term Limits? Bail-outs for wealthy bankers/wall street etc? Oil/Ag etc subsidies? Drug War? Cannabis/Hemp Prohibition?
    Womens Rights? Education? Veterans? Labor/Unions? Senior Rights? Voting Rights? ACA? LGBT? DOMA? Immigration/DREAM Act? More money is spent trying to demonize some programs than the program itself costs to administer. Much of this is simply those who try to convince us something is Wrong, end the program and transfer more wealth to the top-I want my taxes to Fully Fund these social programs, not War and not the 2% at the top.
    I need much more information before I can get past intitial curiosity.
    Thanks in advance.

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