Tea party bosses uses tax returns to intimidate Mitt Romney…..extremists control agenda….


                     We’ve never seen an election season likes this. Mitt Romney is the empty chair  bought and brought to you thanks to  the tea party bosses.In lieu of not destroing  his nomination…Th Koch/Grover power team settled for indentured servitude. The agreed to let the tax issue slide ….as long as Romney played bagpiper to the tea party passions.  Romney has flipped-flopped  himself into the birth-er boy mode… and any morals he might have have had..are put on hold as payment for the tea parties agreement to play nice at last month Republican convention.

           Romney has disqualified  himself as a serious presidential candidate, he simply acts like a man who is just trying to stay out of jail…and get this debacle over with.  He  is the poster boy for the excesses of wall street and everything that’s wrong with the deregulated excess of  corporate America.  This type of predatory economic policy has brought our country to it’s economic knees. Why would we trust a guy whose claim to fame is closing American factories, eliminating jobs..and investing a large part of his American greenbacks…into a variety of  overseas investments.

    As t he tea party is trying to asserts it’s control… it’s great news for the majority of the Americans that don’t believe extremism is best  way to change America. The  disregard the tea party shows for middle America should be fuel to the fire of the soon to be ….”marginalization” …of this  group of tripped-out tea gaggers.  Were getting a huge doze of what unlimited money does to the political process. The backlash is about to bite the tea party in the ass. Who would have thought America’s right-wing billionaires would be the best thing that every happened to igniting moderation and common sense to the forefront of the American political scene?  The tea parties leadership  ..using Romney’s tax problems as leverage..have opened  the door to a 2nd term for our president, perhaps with a congress much more Democratic than one would have previously imagined.

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