Tea party blows-up -Republicans facing extinction- time to sink or swim.


                                       A strong message was delivered tonight by the American people. Any national political party that doesn’t embrace muti-culturatism in today’s America might as well call it quits. The Republican party has been marginalized by the tea- party…and the billionaire buffoonery that bankrolls it. When a political party can only capture 5% of the black vote…and 30% of the Hispanic vote…you no longer represent a nation. The Republican face the prospects of being a regional party…never to seriously challenge for the White House again. Demographics will continue to shift against the old, white guy party. Karl Rove needs to be relieved of his duties…Norquist and the brothers need to find a new hobby…all the money in the world can’t buy off the American voter. These voter suppression wise guys never imagined the backlash they would create with their sabotage….kooks and propagandists shouldn’t be allowed to  control an entire political party.

                          When Romney’s spoke smack against 47% of America, his low opinion of his fellow Americans were heard loud and clear. You can be quite sure these feeling reflect the thought’s of the dark money interests that infected the Romney campaign. The future of the Republican party is surely at stake. Their policies must moderate, and they must begin to represent centrist American thought. How long can a political party represent just white people? How long can a political party disregard it’s women…and not promote equal pay and equal rights? When and until the Republicans begin to represent a wider cross-section of America …they will a party of secondary importance.

                Obama’s second term will look to bring important changes to this country. A comprehensive immigration reform bill is up for discussion. and self-deportation is not the winning position for the GOP.  “Obama-care” is here to stay…so let’s make it even better, time to stop criticizing and start legislating positive changes. The 50 billion dollar a year ‘war on drugs” needs modification…you can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution. Will Republican leadership step up and lead…Is their a Lindsey Graham, Haley Barbour,Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg type leadership..or will the tea party keep control…and force the GOP to become the party of the last century? A family always does better with two functional parents…are their any adults in the room?

3 comments on “Tea party blows-up -Republicans facing extinction- time to sink or swim.

  1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

  2. Nicola Clubb on said:

    The problem of the Tea Party Control of the Republican party I think dates back to the Bush Jnr era. I am not an american but british and I would love to visit the USA but with the rules on just visiting for a holiday being the way they are i am sorry i will not be visiting.
    Their views on a whole host of issues need to be changed, especially on abortion and immigration for those are just two of the main issues.
    One other thing that i do think needs changing is the entire election system, it is just too much and too long. Even here in the UK I was getting really annoyed with the coverage, it almost took over the news programs towards the end with over 50% of the shows dedicated to covering the election. The money being spent by the candidates just to attack the others and how much control will these funders have over policy likely quite a bit i think.

  3. Mary12342 on said:

    Hello Ron, I read you article with interest. Yes the tea party are extremist that attached themselves to the Republican Party, but I think this election has proven to be a wake up call to this nation and our political system. I have the feelings that there will be an honest attempt for the Republican Party to grow into this new age and rid themselves of the tea party, that may start up another party, but the Republican will revamp themselves and just might survive. Only time will tell. Good article though.

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