Tea Jerkers decimating Republican Party….


                   Democracy in action is a beautiful thing. The RepublicanTea party is now fully  engaged in an  idealogical campaign to dismantle government.Armed with a questionable cast of characters…this political party’s wheels are about to come off. Billionaire extremists , a guy named Grover and a StuperPac of characters have gained control of the Grand Old Party. The price to be paid is way more than this  billionaire brigade of  tea ingesting buffon’s could have ever imagined.

         This Citizen United loving, voter suppression supporting, and medicare bursting…current owners of the Republican party… are  about to hand the Democrats the century’s biggest gift. The course of history is about to change.Who could have imagined the powerful  backlash that’s about to reap it’s sow on the Republicans? Polling trends are significant…and as it unwinds into this November’s election… the Democrat’s are poised to  control both houses of congress along with the White House.

       The American people are not about to broadly support a political party that has so painted themselves in a corner. The “powers to be” named their vice-president..handpicked by the hierarchy… without a doubt, the most extreme person ever to be on a major party presidential ticket. Most observers viewed Ryan as a legacy choice, Mitt handing the reigns over to Ryan for his 2016 campaign. A trade-off and apology by Mittens… for the many taxing problems he has  contaminated the Republican party with.

      This small group of kooks and propagandists (Fox News) can take responsibility for the current neo-con  beating of  the war drums in Iran. Apparently we don’t have enough problems at home, and Haliburton needs some fresh new government stimulus. The hopes and aspirations of this thin sliver of “Americana” does not match the needs and dreams of it’s citizenry.

    Extreme elements have created a storm of opposition about to come right their way. Nothing can change what is unfolding  now ….clear for all to see. Let’s hope for the best, and pray Obama and the Democrats..along with sensible Republicans, will do the right thing during this 2nd term. The opportunity is here  for  Americans to make a huge move forward. Nothing better than true Democracy in action making the right choices for our countries future…We will drink the tea no more.

5 comments on “Tea Jerkers decimating Republican Party….

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  2. I think there is a real chance. Voter suppression.. tea party craziness.. backlash its possible

  3. Eleanor Moon on said:

    Do you really think the Dems can take both the Senate and the House?

    Speaking of Halliburton, it came to me today to wonder just how much does Cheney contribute to returning vets. I’ve only recently understood the world of hurt they come home to. Cheney should be personally financing all returning vets’ needs – physical, mental, educational, family support, jobs, everything. It is his moral obligation – his personal moral obligation. Now, I realize this is entirely off topic but I just thought you’d want to know.

    Additionally, I’d like to read your thoughts on the first debate.

  4. Well said, Stacerooo!

  5. Stacey Levin on said:

    Spot on, Ron. Obama is going to do a lot of great things in his second term. I have complete faith in him. He has a lot of unfinished business to attend to!

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