Syrians Dying & the Mideast is on fire! By, Jay H Berman

Syrians Dying & the Mideast is on fire!

. . .”In the US we’re talking about the new Star Trek.”

By, Jay H. Berman, Feature Guest Columnist for

Creator & Publisher Ron Tenin

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Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters


In fairness to millions of Americans who work hard gathering information that really matters – this wordsmith salutes you. Even more so, without reservation, my eternal respect & gratitude for all who are or have been in harm’s way! But for the millions who daily are most concerned with frivolity you deserve scorn. Only this nation, with all of its innumerable problems, still represents the greatest hopes for mankind. Yes, I blast the invaders of equality & justice daily, that is true. Yet, I likewise hold fast to the determination that the United States can do better. “No, I am not running office.”

But I do enjoy writing for dumbass pols lacking wit, savvy & smarts. I do not compose for the faint of heart or the mind of the dullard.

Okay, so what am I ranting about today you wonder? I’m so glad you asked, because pontificating accomplishes little, so here are some hard facts. “This isn’t pretty folks.” Across the pond our fellow humans are dying, starving, maimed & scared shitless. In Iraq, according to the N.Y. Times, the people are dying from warring faction at its worst in no less than the past 5 years! Our “leaders” tell us we won, are out & democracy rules that country.

“Uh huh, RIGHT – & Dubya told the truth about mass destruction weapons.”

This here is some serious shit! We must never forget that U.S. government officials have a history of loving civil wars, especially in places like Korea, Vietnam, throughout Central America, in the Balkans, (which was justifiable on humanitarian grounds), Iraq, Afghanistan, & the places where they’ve love to instigate violence – Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Gaza, Somalia & several other star systems. This is according to former C.I.A. covert operatives whose identities cannot be revealed. Unless of course it is Mrs. Valerie Plame-Wilson!

A brave anti-Assad activist inside Syria named Malik, (pronounced by gringos as Ma’Leak), was quoted by reporters. “People lost brothers, sons, and they’re angry; Sunnis & Shiites vie for power.” Additionally, Hezbollah proved it couldn’t resist the blood thirsty taste of violence. Experts on the Middle-East explain that the region is imploding in its worst cumulative reign of terror since the Ottoman Empire collapsed!    

Syria’s bloodbath has killed over 80, 000 & spilled across its borders. Rockets land in neighboring countries. Fighting ensues in regional territories. It has incited Sunnis and Shiites in other countries to attack one another. What of Iran? It exports war by supporting Assad, Hezbollah & militant Palestinians in Gaza.

For the U.S., the dilemma continues to exist on multiple fronts. Geo-political machinations create an impossible balancing act. While we guarantee Israel’s safety, we likewise support corrupt Arab regimes, Monarchs, & generally any Arab or Muslim state that represents “viable U.S. interests; [read, greenbacks].” The sands of Black Gold, tactical nukes, (aka Pakistan), or anyone not bought off by China or the Russians. Oh, BTW: One more thing, the Cold War is alive & well, vis-à-vis “hot wars!”

Since Armed-Drone proliferation is certain, it may get much worse before it gets better. Qatar & Turkey, allied with the U.S., support the overthrow of Assad. Iran & now Hezbollah support Assad & all three are all fervently bent on the annihilation of Israel. A fierce & ever growing regional antagonism exists between Saudi Arabia & Iran, as both seek to dominate.

Nobody seems to know what to make of The Muslim Brotherhoods motivations in an Egypt they now control, much less their intentions elsewhere. Will Libyans prosper minus their deposed crazed Colonial? The U.S. helped “run him out of Dodge,” replaced by what? In Lebanon, perennial clashes between Alawite & Sunni militias reached their worst level in years.

Back in Iraq, the Sunni minority dreams of over-throwing the majority Shiites, installed by whom? Yes, you guessed it, hello Dubya! The former “Prez-pretender”loved the new Star Trek movie – how about you?!  


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