Swiss bank accounts- Dog on roof- Romney’s a gift that keeps on giving!

        Slowly but surely President Obama is pulling away on his quest for a second term. Opening up a lead that’s double digits and growing..the POTUS is on a roll. The stock market made a 4 year high ,unemployment numbers are improving..even gasoline futures point to an easing in prices. Bin-Laden is dead and Afghanistan seems to be moving in the right direction. .If the supreme court is foolish enough to knock down the affordable health care act, you will see an even bigger political backlash.  No one can has envisioned such a dream scenario…and it keeps getting better and better.

    The Republicans are outclassed and outsmarted, and no amount of corporate cash can bail out this  sinking ship. Grover Norquist and Paul Ryan, Chris Christie,  Scott Walker , Jan Brewer,…and their fearless leader, Mitt “Swiss Cheese” Rocking Romney…it all seems to good to be true. The Republican rascals have so marginalized themselves…that this November may be the biggest blowout ever seen in a national election. Even more encouraging, local and state wide election numbers are steadily moving against the right-wing in swing states. We might see a filibuster proof majority in both chambers…what an opportunity for progressive advancement  in the United States.  

  Here’s the highlights of Romney’s ragged run for the roses.  Swiss bank accounts…Cayman Islands…tax dodging …dog bondage…and the really bright idea of probing  the largest voting block of them all…the mothers and daughters of America. Romney wants to defund planned parenthood..and isn’t so sure that women should get equal pay for equal’s the perfect storm for some good things to come our way here in the coming years.   

 David Axelrod and his team are on their game and sharpening their sticks  Chicago style.  No one wants to give it the kiss of death, but truth be told..inertia is moving firmly towards the Democrats…and with the disintegration of any serious third party bid…the numbers keep getting better and better. Romney’s overnight reversal on Obama’s military success only means the Republican focus groups were telling the right wing geniuses that they are barking up the wrong tree…knocking the military accomplishments is pure suicide for the tea party patsies.

The lack of any moderating influence within the Republican party is both a tactical mistake and a  moral disgrace. How can a major political party so alienate such a wide cross section of America. Obama’s tenuous hold on the independent is looking more and more solid… the tea party has nothing to  to offer thoughtful, moderate independents,  conservative Democrats or liberal Republicans. They come up empty with the minorities…and Romney’s pandering to his Vice-presidential choice Marco Rubio will come up empty. Florida is sliding towards Obama…Ohio and Pennsylvania are also moving left… Wisconsin thanks to Romney and Scott slippery Walker looks Democratic ..and Illinois and Michigan are appearing untouchable to the retarded right wing.

Looks like Romney will have plenty of time to strap his dog on the car..and take a real long vacation visiting his cash in the Caymans and Switzerland. Let him enjoy the rich mans retreat….he and his cast of misfits have relinquished any chance the right-wing may have had to influence public policy. Many thanks to the brain trust and super pacs feeding the Republicans…America could not have done it without you…. and a big thanks to old 5 to 4..allowing the rabid right to show there true colors with no limit to the cash that finance their foolishness. Romney is more generous then anyone might have imagined…he gave away this election..mighty charitable of him!     


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