Sunshine for Newt. Clouds for America?

While the news was about South Carolina, the real story now is here in Florida.The Romney campaign just place an 8 million dollar ad buy for the sunshine state. After Mitt’s trouncing inThursday night ,how many hours before Romney releases several years of tax returns? At this point his reluctance is akin to slow motion suicide. Did he really think he could run for president and not release any tax returns? Something tells me there’s some juicy stuff in those tax returns….that Mitt doesnt want us to know!! Tisk..tisk. Thus,Here’s the big news. Not only will Newt win big in Florida, he will win by a big margin ..I mean a really big margin. .. double digits ,dont be surprise if you see Newt trounce Mitt by 15 to 20 points! Momentum is a powerful force,and each candidate is going in opposite direction,..and with Florida 10 days away,and a bad tax moment ahead for Romney..there’s no turning around this train…for now.

So with Newt the Republican standard barrier, and Obama for the Democrats, what is a 3rd party ticket going to look like. >A third party you say? hearing much about that in the mainstream presss. An independent party,maybe libertarians you say?? No, not at all. A new 3rd party, they call themselves Americans Elect.Why do they matter?

George Soros and George Bush dont usually join forces…and when they do, we should pay attention. Were about to witness history, the story of the non-violent revolution of the radical middle.Soros believes free markets are great,especially for him..but reasonable regulations is good…especially for him. Its great to control both sides of the action. They call that an edge..and moving markets dangerously for your pleasure diminishes lots of otherwise pretty good deeds.They call that a mixed market!

But there’s no mixed message for this country. . The privitization of the presidency may be closer than you think. Corporate America has a surprise for prepare for some cloudy days maybe even a hurricane!


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