Stop… the looting of the masses to fuel the classes – RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE…

We read never ending stories of the Koch cabal funding billions and billions of dollars to the Republicans. Corporate tax loopholes and off shore accounts protect the rich and well-connected. All of this is bad enough. It’s obscene when beleaguered Americans underwrite all of these enormous billionaire profits with middle class tax dollars.

The average fast food worker is 29 years old and makes $8.69 an hour. Wal-Mart workers get the same poor wages; while they and many other major American companies buy from off-shore wholesalers who exploit slave labor conditions making products. It must be quite profitable to have slave labor workers produce your products . . . and indentured servants effectuateclosings that result in cumulative earnings. The injustice and inequities of unfettered capitalism must be dealt with.

This archaic system is both unsustainable and untenable, foreshadowing an explosive societal situation.

The minimum wage in other countries reads like this:

Canada 12.50 +

England 14.00

Germany 15.00

Australia 16.00

. . .But, the pillar of democracy and economic fairness, the USA, checks in at 7.65 cents an hour!

Our wages are so low in this country that full time workers for McDonalds, Wal-Mart, etc., qualify for many governmental subsidies. 50 million American citizens are on food stamps; these are mostly working people. The Freeloaders are the corporate entities that pocket the difference to inflate their stock prices, increase CEO payouts, funnel profits to off-shore accounts, and entice sinister lobbyist’s.

More than just food stamps, the American taxpayer also finances low-income housing subsidies, day-care, and most costly of all . . . the system fuels despair – resulting in higher crime rates amidst those that are trying to survive. In effect, another back door tax that keeps for-profit prisons filled to capacity, furthering the corporate feeding frenzy.

We hear all the complaints about the shaky beginnings of the well intentioned Affordable Care Act. While rolling out a new program is trial and error, (and frustrating), private corporations would do no better if they took on this massive project themselves. Something about the pot calling the kettle black?

Both political parties share responsibility for this disastrous situation that infects the 99%. The president trotted out his support for an increase to the minimum wage during last year’s State of the Union Address. Some speech writer figured it sounded good, but . . . actions . . . speak louder than words. Big corporations simultaneously ply, [provide] the Democratic Party with billions and billions of dollars. Is it ironic that the minimum wage has not moved an inch in over a decade?

Inaction by both political parties is an infectious disease. It’s a national disgrace!

Lack of economic justice is the biggest political story of this decade. The heisting of America by big corporations at the expense of the middle class must not be allowed to continue. We must stop looting the masses, and stop feeding wealthy greed. Who ever thought the biggest threat to the American people would be sanctioned by the American people?

It’s time for the corporate whores to be held accountable . . . and provide a living wage to all American workers.

One comment on “Stop… the looting of the masses to fuel the classes – RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE…

  1. kaydee on said:

    Hi Ron.
    Did you get my message re; actual minimum wage in UK being little more than $10 for those age 21 or more?

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