Ryan short on specifics- Biden dominates this debate…..


                  Joe Biden and Paul Ryan tangled in a fast-moving ,interesting debate tonight in Kentucky. Several times Paul Ryan was pressed for specifics, but like Romney, he was either unable or unwilling to level with the American people. When pressed on foreign policy and specifics on drawing down our troops in the middle east, Ryan both agreed with the 2014 timeline of draw down..while saying setting a date specific was a mistake. Ryan denied sanctions in Iran are having a effect, seemingly to prefer the war option. One wonders if the Romney/Ryan even has a coherent strategy..seems it’s a work in progress.

       Domestically, Biden and the Democrats scored some major points in favor of the middle class. Pointing out if Ryan’s “privatization” of George Bush’s social security plan was adopted, American seniors would be in an even worse predicament then they already are. Younger people especially, instead of building up a real nest egg, would have seen their tax dollars lost to a Topsy/turvy stock market during the Bush administration. It’s hard to make the case for privatization of medicare, letting the private market provide “competition” via vouchers, instead of the current system of guaranteed benefits and security for both young and old.              

     Toward the end of the debate , a strong contrast was drawn again form these two catholic vice-presidential nominees. Ryan admitted that he is and will be unable to separate his personal beliefs from his public employment. He stood by his right-wing beliefs, insisting that life begns at conception, willing to deny abortion rights, even in the case of rape and incest. Conversely, Biden is able to seperate his religious beliefs from public policy … standing by a women’s right to make her own personal determination on her life. Any non-catholics…may feel a little queasy, knowing all Ryan’s public position will be hand in hand with his own personal religious dogmatism.   

    Score a solid win for Obama/Biden. Ryan didn’t help himself with the middle class ..especially women..who will determine this election. Polling is likely to modestly bounce back for the Democrats after the Obama debate disaster in Denver.  The polls in Ohio still favor the president by 4…and likely to firm up after this debate.With 26 days to go , Americans are looking for specifics..and Paul Ryan couldn’t deliver on this night in Kentucky.


2 comments on “Ryan short on specifics- Biden dominates this debate…..

  1. Thanks for your intelligent comment. Yes, the next debate will be crucial.

  2. Stacey Levin on said:

    I so agree with you Ron. Biden definetly won on Medicare, Afghanistan and a womens’ right to choose.
    It was so obvious that he is the more mature and stronger candidate and he definetly cares about the middle class. I’m looking forward to the next presidential debate.
    Dr. Stacey http://www.thelowcountryveterinarian.com

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