Romney/Santorum both lose Michigan. Jeb waiting in the Bush

         Tonight’s showdown in Michigan figures to be close . Democrat’s and Independents are able to vote in this high profile primary battle. Union anger about Mitt Romney’s “Let Detroit go bankrupt” statement still touches a raw nerve. Along with Enterprising Obama supporters, The Santorum campaign itself is calling Democrats today urging them to send uncle Mitt a message.

     That’s going to be a big problem for Santorum. It’s one thing for the other side to play some mischief, but quite another thing  for Santorum to urge Democrat’s to vote for him. He well knows it’s a cynical vote,but alas no hole’s barred …will do anything to win mentality rules the roost.Iit will take the luster of his strong showing.  Santorum’s mettle’s been tested lately, and he is not holding up well under scrutiny. Only the  incompetence of the Romney campaign is keeping Santorum alive.

     These two candidates both are wounded ducks coming out of Michigan. There is no passion whatsoever for Romney. Even Republicans are put off by Romney’s tax dodging., flip flopping ways. Santorum’s not exactly a man on fire either. His position are so extreme that a good chunk of Republicans and Independents will never get “behind” his run for the White House. So , what happens now?

  Make no mistake about it, there will be another choice. Jeb Bush has been posturing for month’s now. Lately even more vocal about his disdain for the right wing and dislike of the liberal agenda.  and it’s time the mainstream media begin to share this with the voters! . The only questions about Jeb, is he going to run as a Republican…or is he going to carry the mantle for America’s newest phenomenon, Americans Elect 2012.

       American Elect 2012? What’s that…why didn’t I here about it? This superPAC is launching the first ever internet election. Fueled by billionaires, hedge funds, and supported by the mainstream press..look for AE2012 to become a household word very soon. This 3rd party nominating platform will be on the ballot in all 50 states. The leadership of AE2012 is dominated by members of the two Bush presdiency. This is not a coincidence. Ex-govenor Christine Todd Whitman (Jeb’s best gal pal) is quietly leading the effort. Look for one of these two to become the mysterious “3rd party candidates” to emerge by summertime. The non-violent revolution of the radical middle is about to unfold. When do you think the mainstream press will dare inform the voters of what’s really going on? 


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