Romney’s tax returns severely overdue…

 Mitt Romney feels relieved that the Republican primary season has come to an end. He managed to get past two weak candidates ..overpowering them with multi-million ad buys throughout the electoral process. The general election won’t be as easy… POTUS has plenty of money…Romney will not be able to steamroll ahead on the basis of money alone.

      The tax return fiasco is not nearly fact this may become the loose end that will keep Romney and the Republicans from controlling America’s future. Romney’s father warned 30 years ago to not trust a politician that will not release a full accounting of tax returns….Mitt should have headed his father’s advice. Only after Gingrich’s win in South Carolina ..and Florida’s primary  looking dicey..did Romney relent. Mitt released a pre-meditated,sanitized version of his tax return in 2010. He also release an estimate for 2011…however…he asked for an extension today. ..he really doesnt want the country to see the real tax returns.

   Why would he? The little we know about his finances showed him avoiding taxes and moving his cash to the Caymans. While  Mitt was slashing jobs at his Bain capital..putting people out of work ..he was making his 50,000 dollars a day, living the life of a big shot. This country club Republican certainly well represents today’s Republican party.

   With 45% of the electorate lined up behind Romney..and 45% backing Obama…that 10% of the elctorate will decide who gets the ride to the White House. Inside word suggests that the Democrats have plenty of financial information they will be sharing with the voting public. However, this bombshell will be held closely..look for an October surprise. The 10% of the truly undecided electorate,will get a strong dose of Mitt’s money machine.

    Romney won’t  release his tax returns…and has done all that he can to tamper down further talk about them . Ah, but this is Romney’s achilles heal …coupled with a bad  tin ear…this combination should derail his bid to capture the White House. Romney’s honesty is severely overdue…his inability to pony up and share his tax returns disturbing..the level headed middle 10% of the electorate will make the final determination.. Romney  should have been more forthcoming….if he had  listened to his dad he probably would be our next president!





2 comments on “Romney’s tax returns severely overdue…

  1. Ron on said:

    I publish all comments that are not vulgar or spam…appreciate your uniqueness!

  2. Mike Cornelison on said:

    It would be so awesome if we could just eliminate all the rich people, tax the 1% into renouncing their citizenship and taking their business elsewhere and then we could finally have ourselves a workers paradise, just like they do in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Communist China and Putin’s new Soviet Russia. Now that’s the kind of standard of living we should aspire to sink to.

    I don’t give a damn about Romney’s tax returns. What I want to know is what kind of radical pinko Commie thesis Obama wrote that is under seal and why all his school and college transcripts are under lock and key as well. What the hell kind of president doesn’t release his college transcripts?

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