Romney’s Olympic sized Problem…


                    Romney wobbled out of the United States after having a really tough week. Over 20 conservative and Independent leaders have asked Mitt to release his tax returns. Voters be damned, Romney pranced off to England with his million dollar dancing horse.  Alas, Mitt will not be by Mrs. Romney’s side when she shows off her fancy horse. Mitt doesnt want us thinking about his million dollar Equestrian friend in England …or  the other millions of Benjamin friends he has deposited all over the world. It’s really kind of defies all logic that Romney would invest so much of his money in foreign tax haven accounts…while denying the good old American banks his investment..and of course short-changing the treasurer of his precious tax dollars. Why didn’t someone remind  him he was running for president of the United States? It might have made sense if he made it look better  to the voters… he might  atleast invested his money in the same country he was whacking all the jobs out of… about the tin ear…think its two tin ears …next time you might not want to lecture the Brits about problems he see’s brewing for olympic security….he sure knows how to win friends…this guy is the ultimate corporate clown.

         In a short time, the Olympics will come and go, but when it’s all over Mitt still has an Olympic sized problem to deal with.  Mitt’s in tax denial, and he is willing to go all the way to his grave to not release these tax returns. He just cant release the tax returns and put his family and business in jeopardy…that’s right, winning the presidency is a lower priority then holding safe his families  bullion .

     The serious back room Washington tight-lipped chatter is this. Whoever Romney selects as his Vice-President ,,,may very well be the person that’s actually running against Barack Obama in the fall. The likelihood of Romney remaining standard-bearer for the fall is waning. So, the real game is who will get the pick for the Vice=President? Does Romney owe McCain a dept of apology for forcing him to select sweet Sarah P.? Will Romney now pay McCain back with a vice=presidential slot? McCain could be a very contentious candidate against POTUS. Who else would be on that short list.?Not Rob Portman. He might make a sensible VP choice if things were sensible, but he needs a much bigger name if the GOP is going to upset the progressives. It’s either McCain, Condy Rice…even Jeb Bush, or Christy.. both would offer a compelling  challenge for Obama.The rich guys over in Tampa want to get themselves fixed up with a winning team…seems Mitt’s turned himself into one WAY BIG tax liability. The fact that Romney didn’t plan ahead ..or went ahead foolishly because hes so used to getting things his own way, one way or the other…The future King of the United States…looks like he may come up a few crown short!

4 comments on “Romney’s Olympic sized Problem…

  1. Well said, thank you.

  2. Judith Dodd on said:

    I have to agree with you. This article is right on. I hope that we all have the good sense to re-elect Obama. Obama is the right man, and deserves a second run………… and hopefully he will be re-elected. Hopefully American voters will wake up and smell the coffee. Mitt is the problem, not the cure. Please use your mind and not the hipe.

  3. Thank you!

  4. Lary Nine on said:

    Very good. I enjoyed the piece and with it a thorough sense of simpatico.

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