Romney’s disaster opens door to GOP “Cooperation”


                  With 46 days left to the presidential election, many thought this would be a slug-fest to the bitter end. Romney’s entire strategy was he’s “not Obama”..and that’s just not going to get it done. His condemnation of the “47%” of the freeloaders was just the icing on the cake.  The GOP got what it deserved, and as we all know , all the money in the world can’t turn Romney into  presidential material. There is nothing the GOP can do to turn around things this November… they must look ahead and be realistic.

            Things will  get even better for this country as the law of unintended consequences takes center stage.Without a doubt, Democrats will improve their numbers in both the Senate and the House. This blowout will get the attention of the remaining Republicans….  they aren’t  anxious to become a footnote in history. Thanks to Romney’s disastrous performance, the remaining Republicans will be backed  into  a corner…with survivability as their main legislative goal.

    The tax cuts from the Bush era for the rich will NOT be extended. The Republicans will be much more pliable, and a deal will be worked out. The GOP can’t afford to be seen as the “gridlock” party…and Grover be damned, the survivors better start talking compromise and enacting real legislation to improve the plight of everyday Americans. You will see  a sweeping immigration reform package that will be approved overwhelmingly. Republicans will be licking their Hispanic wounds this time around, and will be more than willing to cut a deal..they have no future as a major party without reasonable support from the all powerful Hispanic voting block. We will see a noticeable lessening  of “tea power” ..and intentional voter suppression will become out of favor.

    For the Republicans to survive as a powerful political party, it will have to prove  itself less obstructionists, and more part  of the future solutions to our countries problems. Nothing like a good old ass whipping to get the attention of the Republicans. Thanks to a pitiful Romney ..things are looking much brighter for a very effective Obama second term, with real help coming from the GOP…anything less will put the Republican party into a death spin they can’t otherwise reverse. Mitt Romney might have been just the tonic to bring the country together to forge some meaningful change….the law of unintended consequences!

2 comments on “Romney’s disaster opens door to GOP “Cooperation”

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  2. Jonathan Burton on said:

    You have assumed that the GOP will actually work with the other side. I am not convinced that they even can. This party cleansing has caused many moderates to jump ship. The Teabaggers are pretty hell bent on their little ideological party crusade and dismantling of our government. Gettng them to calm, down, sit down and act like statesmen is going to be harder for the GOP now that they have given their party to the morons and the Libertarians (same thing really). This might just be the new Whig party as voters become more acquainted with today’s GOP and their really bad track record on practically everything. The NEO CONS beating Iran war drums are not going to make things better for the GOP and as long as Fox news is around, the GOP will be a joke party for associating themselves with kooks and propagandists.

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