Romney’s Dis-credited – Could Republicans still dump him?


Mitt Romney’s campaign has been sputtering along. Careful not to say much about anything…hoping this election is simply a referendum on Obama.

Alas, things may not be so easy for the jet skiers . Several bombshell reports have emerged this last week calling Romney’s veracity into clear question. Seem his handlers think if you just repeat a lie often enough, people will just accept it and go away. Romney’s tenure at his 100% owned and operated little empire called Bain Capital…is not exactly true to his words. Romney tried to duck all responsibility for being “the out sourcer ” and chief” at Bain capital. He claimed he wasn’t there when the decision were made to close down American jobs and ship them around the world.While at the same time….. He was the guy closing plants in the USA, moving the manufacturing equipment and jobs to China…and profitably quite handsomely. Nothing like trying to have your cake and eat it too..why not..if your rich and powerful…..and brazen..

This Bain bashing of the truth dovetails nicely with Romney’s shipping  off his personal profits and moving them to the Camyan Islands, Swiss Bank accounts and who knows where else this slippery Mitt  has slid his families funds. Maybe Romney knows all too well about the Bank of America and Citigroup…and knows where smart rich people put their money for safe keeping. Romney is consistent ….he will not release his tax returns…he is arrogant and he knows the information in the tax returns would sink his campaign. Some say his net worth is 250 million dollars….but I think all signs are pointing to a much greedier man than we ever even imagine.

Why would Romney make visit to the NAACP convention and use that time to use “Obama care” in a racially tinged put down? Some suspect he was just setting up a future commercials..prepared to show him as the tough guy willing to take on anybody. The pundits might be right, but I think “they”  give the Romney rascals too much credit. I think Romney said it because he has a tin ear towards the working class….minorities and sick people…and has showed it time over time.

You have to wonder what the ” new world order” people are thinking now. They are witnessing the meltdown of their guy…and the emergence of an affordable health care act that many are starting to a really great  for the American’s pretty hard for Romney to run as the guy that’s going to take that all away…not a winning position. Romney may quickly be seen as more of a liabilty to the “powers” that be. Is it possible that Romney can still be denied the Republican nomination.? Swings states are all moving slowly but steadily for the president..and Obama has taken his largest lead yet in an overall poll. Another twist, do they nominate Romney and Condoleezza Rice as VP? Romney could “step” down for “health ” reasons…before November. Then we would have the POTUS against Condoleezza Rice..a moderate, wise, women candidate that would change the demographics of this race in a split second. Not possible?…The new world order, the Bush/Soros power team…has their gal close at hand….do not dismiss the power and cunning of the 1%.


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