Romney- We don’t let people die in their apartment “health care plan”.


                 With the Romney campaign feeling completed overwhelmed in these waning weeks of the fall presidential struggle….one wonders how Romney was anointed by the Republicans to be their standard-bearer anyhow. Many respected Republicans had called for Romney to release many more years of tax returns. Mitt knew well before his run for the roses, that he had a serious tax secret that he wouldn’t be able to share with the general public. Any respectful sort of guy might had thought…if you’re  prepared to run for president ,you should be prepared to do what was expected of all others that had  come before him…and release the tax returns.But he won’t ,he can’t…he took advantage of every good hearted Republican by basically deceiving them that  he was a deserving candidate …when he knew his tax secrets were disqualifying… and a death knell for all Republicans.

        So many gaffes ..truly a scorecard is needed at this point of Romney’s presidential run. This without hyperbole will be looked at in historical context as the year the Republican party came apart at the seams. Not prepared ,tax challenged .Mitt gave an interview to 60 minutes over this last weekend. When Romney was asked about health care..and the fact that 50 million Americans don’t have any insurance…what was Mitt’s plan for them? He said directly, “were not going let you die in your apartment will send an ambulance one is turned down in the Emergency room. (his empathy overflowing)

   Can   someone mention  to Mittens that emergency care is not a cost effective plan in comparison to real health care. One trip to the emergency room is often thousands, sometimes ten of thousands or even more. If there was real health care…….preventive care..the kind of care Romney and his family gets ( every specialist,every doctor ) … many people can avoid that bankrupting trip to the Emergency room . Romney’s an educated business man…he knows emergency rooms are a very expensive way to provide health services. Guess he really hasn’t given it much thought, not a problem he or his loved ones will ever have to face. Romney know’s he won’t be expiring sitting in his apartment waiting for an ambulance….he really doesn’t care about the rest of us.

3 comments on “Romney- We don’t let people die in their apartment “health care plan”.

  1. Theresa Powell on said:

    Wonderfully said! And still there will be folks that will vote against there own interest because Romney isn’t the black, Muslim supporting, Constitution destroying, illegally elected,or unpatriotic guy “ruining” our country. What is wrong with people. As you pointed out, even the most boot-strappy, uncaring folks should be able to see that isn’t a fiscally sound plan. How Romney has a following kind, I just don’t know.

  2. Paula Kling Luciano on said:

    I do agree and many of those of us who pay for health insurance while making sacrifices to afford it like not having expensive vacations or even 2 brand new cars in the driveway, heck we don’t even have a driveway. We are sick of those who refuse to insure their health and expect free treatment when they get sick. That all comes down to those of us responsible to have insurance paying not only our medical bills but those of the irresponsible who believe taking their children to Disney every year is more important than taking them to a doctor. Or if they do need medical care they feel they can just run to nanny government and let their neighbors pay their medical bills.

    You are right-it is time people, like Romney, who will never have to lose sleep over a medical bill stop making rules for those of us who do.

  3. Thanks. One man band needs editor…but I do it for the love of ideas, making people think…came up a little short in English and computers…

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