Romney revealed. You free-loaders need to get lost…


     Can things get any worse for the GOP? Romney true feelings have been reveald in a speech secretly  recorded at a  Romney  fundraiser , at a  $50,000 a seat get together….in ritzy Boca Raton ,Florida. He says 47% of Americans are freeloaders, not paying any federal income  taxes. Never mind a big chunk of this people are elderly, retired and living on Social security and medicare, money they have paid in over a lifetime of hard-work. Another big chunk of these freeloaders pay a higher tax rate then our royal heiness himself, the self-entitled, self-absorbed Mitt  Romney. 

    Do we all realize  that when somone earns $109,000 dollars a year…they don’t  another cent in social security or medicare  taxes. You can earn 10 million a year, but your maxed out at 109,000. These are the type of tax inequalities that need to be addressed by a thoughtful legislature. Romney pays  less percentage wise than the majority of Americans earning 50 to 80 thousand a year…and he wants to give more tax breaks to the rich.

   The best thing about the continued Romney meltdown, its starting to effect state and local races. We may actually be looking at a monumental victory for the progressives. Elizabeth Warren has moved ahead in her Massachusetts senatorial race…and Ohio and Virgina continue to trend more Democratic. National polling will continue to trend away from  Romney and the dysfunctional Republican team.  

   The House of representatives  is within reach of the Democrats. What looked like 100 to 1 shot just 6 months more like a 25% chance …and if the Romney implosion continues…the Democrats chance for an unlikely sweep continues its momentum. Voter backlash towards the Romney Royalty is gaining strength…the ugly prospects of intentional voter suppression and a class warfare mentality led by Mitt the Grit, set’s the stage for a dismantling of the Republican party.

2 comments on “Romney revealed. You free-loaders need to get lost…

  1. Thanks for the great comments!

  2. Mark Curran on said:

    Pretty cool, but the problem is no longer exposing Mitt, we have it pretty much out there, most people, even those who support Mitt, know how he flipped flopped ect.

    I would like people to quit bitching about the 47% — that is nothing. He was buying factories with built in bedrooms, 12 to a room, with barbed wire. That was just missed. No one talked about it. THAT should have been it. All kinds of drawings, questions, skits, that was his Achilles heal. We should still use it

    The big problem is the unknown effect of voter regislation problems. How many millions of votes are at risk? 100K in Ohio? 500K We need to worry about that now, be a little paranoid about that now, and do steps NOW. Its only days from being too late to register or change your registration. so if we are not getting 50,000 people a day to fix the problems, we may miss the buss

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